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Bathroom Door

Not all bathroom doors are created equal.  And in today’s homes, where work and family life often collide, the proper bathroom door can make a substantial difference.  A bathroom door can enhance the look, feel and functionality of your bathroom and your entire home.

What is the Best Type of Bathroom Door?

Before we talk about bathroom door styles, we need to consider the most important part of the door – its composition.  Doors are either solid or hollow.  The correct terms are solid core and hollow core.  There are big differences between the two.

Bathroom Door

Hollow Core Bathroom Door

Hollow core bathroom doors are regarded as a low cost, economy option.  These doors are used in new homes and by

Hollow Core Bathroom Door

budget remodelers.  They easily transmit sound, offer little in the way of noise privacy, and break easily.  The hinge screws on hollow core doors both loosen and break easily.  It is difficult to repair a screw that has torn away from a hollow core door hinge.  Why?  There is nothing for it to bite into.

The two illustrated pictures above represent common hollow core door construction.  The door on the right is constructed using honeycomb cardboard inside.  This cardboard is designed to give the door some rigidity and stability.  Unfortunately, this honeycomb cardboard construction also allows sound to travel through the door easily.

The door on the left has a few pieces of low-density wood slats running top to bottom for rigidity.  It is almost completely hollow.  This type of hollow core door breaks very easily and rarely closes correctly.

The outside of most hollow core bathroom doors is typically plastic or thin veneer MDF.  It’s not wood!  It breaks, chips, and warps easily.

Solid Core Bathroom Door

There are many reasons why solid-core bathroom doors are a sound decision. You can get the most benefit from a solid core bathroom door.

Solid core bathroom doors are made using particle board, MDF, or solid wood.

  1. Particle or chip board with a plastic, fiberglass, or wood veneer outside.
  2. Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) with a plastic, fiberglass, wood veneer, or embossed outside.
  3. Solid wood.

Consider for a moment the master and guest bathrooms.  The last thing you want is to be disturbed by sounds coming from these rooms to other parts of the house when you’re trying to work, relax, sleep, or entertain.  Solid core bathroom doors contain solid, sound-dampening material.  This sound-dampening is especially important if the bathroom is located near a kitchen, bedroom, or family room.

A solid core bathroom door has a sturdy look and feel.  They add an inexpensive look of luxury to your home.  The heft and weight of a solid core bathroom door conveys a sense of quality and craftsmanship from the moment you open the door.

Solid core doors hold up better to daily wear.  They are resistant to dents and dings.  Solid core doors will warp and shrink less with the seasons because of their solid construction.  They perform better, longer, and maintain their good looks for years.

After experiencing the difference between hollow and solid core doors, clients find that solid core doors add an element of value and quality to their everyday living experience.  Clients who have solid core bathroom doors, would not have it any other way. 

What Type of Bathroom Door is Best?

There are basically three types of bathroom doors.

Hinged Bathroom DoorPocket Door Bathroom DoorBarn Style Bathroom Door

Hinged bathroom doors are most common.

Why?  These are the least expensive.  The problem with a hinged bathroom door is space.  With a hinged bathroom door, it limits towel bar placement and the number you can place in the bathroom.  They also can be a safety hazard.  Looking at the first picture, it’s easy to see what is going to happen if someone is in front of the sink and the door is opened.  Hinged doors are not the best for comfort and convenience.  Consider the situation where the door opens into a toilet – how rude!

A pocket bathroom door is the most versatile door.

A pocket door opens the bathroom allowing for better use of the existing space.  With a bathroom pocket door, you can gain valuable space for adding a second sink, larger cabinet, and elongated toilet.  These doors can also provide full length “hidden” mirrors and added towel bar space.  Pocket doors are a safer option as they do not open into occupants, cabinets, toilets, etc.  They add extra space to use the toilet without squashing yourself between the shower/tub, toilet, and hinged door!

Barn style bathroom doors add a unique perspective.

These doors are for those who enjoy a distinctive bathroom entrance.  They do not provide full privacy.  They are also not the best for keeping sounds, noises, and light inside the bathroom!

The aesthetic quality of sliding bathroom barn doors simply cannot be overlooked.  They are often associated with a “shabby chic” style. They have a unique visual appeal and can fit a wide variety of decor preferences.  Bathroom barn doors come in a wide variety of designs and styles.  They can match virtually any style or doorway.  Barn style bathroom doors are available in lots of finishes, materials, and configurations.

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