Why Choose DAD’s?

the Derkum familyOut of all the kitchen, bathroom, and interior remodeling and renovation contractors in Orange County, why should you choose DAD’s? We don’t give you an estimate that sounds good only because it does not include everything to do the job.

DAD’s understands that many renovation contractors knowingly provide you with a misleading low estimate. They do not include design, permits, association approvals, toilet, sinks, bathtub, faucets, towel bars, lighting, tile, countertops, etc. At DAD’s, we include these items and more. In fact, our estimates include all materials, parts, and labor for a high-quality job! That’s the only way you truly know if your project makes sense before you get started. If you don’t have all the facts and relevant information, you can’t make a well thought out intelligent decision. We give you that.

desk covered in remodeling plans and paint samplesAfter DAD’s completes the plans, we put together an estimate using a cost by line item method. The huge benefit of this document is that it shows you the exact cost and includes all of the materials, parts, labor, installation, and sales tax. There are no surprises, gimmicks, or hidden up-charges. You know exactly what you’re paying for and how it’s going to look.

The choice is then yours. After you receive the estimate derived from the plans that you approve, you can decide how much of the work you feel comfortable having performed. Since you know the exact cost for each item, it’s really easy to add or subtract things and see the change in the estimate. It really works exceptionally well!

Daniel Derkum, general contractor for home renovations in Orange CountyDAD’s has a strong moral commitment to making sure your project is performed correctly and to the best of our ability. Like your dad, DAD’s will not take chances with your health and safety. DAD’s is there to help you through the entire process with honesty, integrity, and a sense of urgency. We want you to be happy and feel good about your project.

The entire DAD’s family understands that we are only as good as our last project. As a local family operated business, we must do a good job and take great care to make sure you are happy. Unlike some renovation contractors, we don’t have the luxury of simply making up the difference in another city or state or going to work for another company.

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