Category: Bathroom Remodeling

Articles specific to helping clients understand the components of bathroom remodeling. Includes the cost to remodel a bathroom.

Powder Room Remodeling

Powder Room Remodeling Successful powder room remodeling starts with a well-developed design build system.  A design build powder room remodel is the only way you will ever know what your powder room remodel is going to cost before you start your project.  Asking someone to come out to your home and give you an estimate […]

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Mirrors for the Bathroom

Mirrors for the Bathroom When performing a bathroom remodel, the mirrors for the bathroom are something to consider early in the process.  Successful bathroom remodels require careful design and planning to ensure a positive outcome.  Failing to decide on the type, size, and style of the bathroom mirror during the design phase is inviting trouble. […]

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Crown Molding in the Bathroom

Crown Molding in the Bathroom Is crown molding in the bathroom a promising idea?  When remodeling a bathroom, clients sometimes ask about crown molding in the bathroom.  They generally like the idea and already have crown molding in other parts of their home. Installing Crown Molding in the Bathroom Depends on Several Conditions There are […]

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Bathroom Door

Bathroom Door Not all bathroom doors are created equal.  And in today’s homes, where work and family life often collide, the proper bathroom door can make a substantial difference.  A bathroom door can enhance the look, feel and functionality of your bathroom and your entire home. What is the Best Type of Bathroom Door? Before […]

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Bathroom Cabinet

Bathroom Cabinet The bathroom cabinet is a focal point of the bathroom.  When remodeling your bathroom, you want a bathroom cabinet that will be beautiful.  You also want a cabinet that will give you strong, durable storage and accessories that make your life easier. Virtually all clients are told that their bathroom cabinet will be […]

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