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Articles specific to helping clients understand the components of bathroom remodeling. Includes the cost to remodel a bathroom.

Shower Body Spray

Shower Body Spray A shower body spray is not a shower head.  A shower head is designed to wash, cleanse, and invigorate.  Shower body sprays relax, refresh, sooth, and rejuvenate.  They can also be used to wash. These spa like shower fixtures are also called shower body jets and body jets.  They are also referred […]

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Shower Head

Shower Head There are two types of shower heads.  These are single function and multifunction.  Single function has a consistent spray pattern that cannot be changed.  A multifunction or dual function allows the user to change the spray pattern, intensity, and the amount of water. What Is the Difference Between a Single Function and Multi-Function […]

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Placement of Bathtub Fixtures

Placement of Bathtub Fixtures The proper placement of bathtub fixtures is an important part of your bathroom remodel.  Installing the bathtub fixtures incorrectly can make your bathing experience difficult and dangerous. The tub controls should be easy to access — both while sitting inside and standing outside of the tub. The valve is typically installed […]

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Heated Towel Bar

Heated Towel Bar There are many great advantages when it comes to a heated towel bar.  The three main reasons are having warm and dry towels, storage, and style.  They can even warm bathroom spaces and help dry your towels between use.  Having warm and dry towels is the best feature of a heated towel […]

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Bathroom Remodel in Laguna Hills

Bathroom Remodel in Laguna Hills We wanted to say thanks for all your wonderful work related to our recent bathroom remodel in Laguna Hills.  This was our first foray into the remodeling world and we had heard many horror stories.  Dan was so organized.  He had answers to all our questions right from the beginning. […]

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