Shower Body Spray

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Shower Body Spray

A shower body spray is not a shower head.  A shower head is designed to wash, cleanse, and invigorate.  Shower body sprays relax, refresh, sooth, and rejuvenate.  They can also be used to wash.

These spa like shower fixtures are also called shower body jets and body jets.  They are also referred to as body jet sprays.

Sometimes a shower with body jets will also feature a hand shower.  This adds even greater functionality.

What are the Benefits of a Shower Body Spray?

A shower system with Jets creates an amazing spa-like experience.  Nothing says spa like luxury like a large shower with a rain head, hand shower, and a body spray system.  The beautiful addition of body sprays to a large walk-in shower will wrap you in warm, soothing water.  A shower with multiple spray heads can energize you in the morning and relax you after a long workday.

What is a Shower Body Spray?

Shower Body SprayShower body sprays are small “showerheads” that are installed on the shower wall.  These can be installed in the front of the shower where the shower controls are located, on the opposite back wall, or on the sides of the shower.

Typically, there are 2, 3, or 4 body sprays in a shower.  Larger showers can have up to 6 body sprays.  They are usually installed on the same wall.  The location and total number of sprays depends on the experience you are looking for and the shower size.

Where is the Best Location for Installing Shower Body Sprays?

Installing Shower Body Sprays Installing the sprays on the same wall as the shower controls has several benefits.  First, the installation cost is lower because the materials and labor needed to install is less.  Second, it keeps all the shower fixtures on the same wall.  One drawback of having them on the shower fixture wall is that the sprays can make the shower look very busy.

Placing the shower body sprays on the opposing wall provides more flexibility of body spray placement since there are no controls on this wall.  Many people report a much more pleasurable showering experience when installed on the opposite wall.  Why?  People say the following:

  • They can easily face the sprays and place their hands on the wall for support and be more comfortable because hand placement is not limited by all the shower fixtures.
  • They can raise and lower their arms without hitting the shower fixtures.
  • Adjusting the temperature and water pressure with minimal movement and without having to turn around is more convenient. Once the most relaxing position is located, you can change the temperature and/or water pressure without much movement.  This is especially nice when soothing sore muscles.

Overall, installing on the opposite (or opposing) wall is the best option for most people.

How Many Body Sprays Do I Need?

Shower Body SprayMost clients prefer 3 or 4 body sprays.  Two body sprays leave one feeling less than refreshed.  When installing 3, these should be in a straight line (vertical) and plumbed as a group (they all come on together).  When installing 3 body sprays, there will be less flexibility on where the water hits your body.  Some people do not like body sprays hitting below the waist.   

An area of concern when installing body sprays in a straight line is the height of those using the shower.  During installation, this must be of primary importance, especially if two or more people will be using the same shower.

Body Jet LocationIf one person is taller than the other, these body sprays will hit each person in a different location.  This can be very uncomfortable and create an awkward showering experience.  This is especially true if the body sprays hit directly on the reproductive or more sensitive parts of the body.

Notice in the picture to the right where the sprays are hitting the body.  If this person turns around while the spray jests are on, the experience will likely be very uncomfortable.  This is why it’s very important to understand who will be using the body sprays during the installation process.

The picture on the left illustrates the correct position of the body sprays.  The top spray provides refreshing massage to the shoulders while the bottom spray sooths the back.  Each body jet adjusts (swivels) 360 degrees to allow for targeted relaxation and therapeutic comfort.

If Two People Will be Using the Same Shower, What Are the Options?

If two people are using the same shower and they are of different heights or widths, sometimes the best option is to install body sprays for each user.  This will ensure the showering experience is pleasant and satisfying for both bathers.

Body Spray LocationWhen considering height, it’s important to look at leg length and body structure for both users.  Two people can be the same or a different height, but one can have longer legs than the other.  In similar fashion, one bather can have a longer or shorter torso.

Looking at the picture on the left, notice that all the people are the same height.  Drawing your attention to the red line, further notice the difference in both leg and torso length.  This is a great example of why it’s important to consider more than height when installing body jects.  Looking at the woman on the far left, placing a body jet to spray at the bottom of her back would likely be uncomfortable for the woman on her immediate right.

The same or similar heights can be very misleading when considering shower body spray location.  Just because one user is taller than the other does not necessarily mean they both need separate jet sprays.  The same sprays may work perfectly for each.  This is why it’s important to understand each bather’s body characteristics before determining the final location of the body sprays.

Installing 3 Spray Heads

3 Body SpraysTypically, with a 3-body spray system, there are two installation options.  The first is straight line where one of the jests will hit below or at the waist.  The second is installing the 3 sprays more tightly grouped together.

When 3 body sprays are installed tightly grouped together, many clients find the intensity of the water uncomfortable.  Why?  The spray jets hit the body very centralized.  When the 3 body jets are installed more loosely (farther apart), this is when there is risk of the jets hitting more sensitive areas of the body, which can be uncomfortable.

Again, when thinking about body sprays in the shower, it is very important to pay close attention to who will be using the shower.  Body height, width, and gender are important considerations during the planning and installation process.

Installing 4 Spray Heads

Like the 3-spray installation, a 4-spray body jet system has two installation options.  Again, the first is straight line where two of the jets will hit below the waist.  The second is installing more tightly grouped together.  With 4 body jet sprays, they are typically plumbed in groups of 2.  In this 4 Shower Body Spraysmanner, the user can decide better where to direct the spray, how much to apply, and the most comfortable spray jet intensity. This also allows the bather to adjust the amount of water they use while enjoying their shower experience.

The most preferred body spray installation is 4 spray heads more tightly grouped together on the opposing (or opposite side) shower fixture wall.  This allows the user to better tailor where the jets hit in the body’s core (area between the top of the shoulder blades and the waist).  In this configuration, the jest can be directed to a particular area or multiple areas.  This allows the user to better manage spray jet location, intensity, and water temperature without turning around. This installation method also works best when people of different body sizes and heights are using the same shower.

How Does a Body Spray Work?

Typically, body jets spray horizontally as opposed to an angle the way a normal showerhead would. The most common spa like complete shower system Shower Body Spray Systemwith body sprays will feature a multifunction wall showerhead or overhead rainfall shower head, a group of body sprays, handheld shower, plus the required control fixtures.

The shower control valves are very important.  You do not want everything coming on together.  Not only will this waste a tremendous amount of water, but your shower experience will also be like being blasted by high pressure water hoses at all angles.  Not very comfortable!  Each fixture is designed for a specific purpose.  The shower head for washing the overall body, hand shower for directing water directly where you need it, and body sprays for soothing muscles, relaxing, and easing away tension.

What is Required to Enjoy a Shower Body Spray System?

A shower body spray system requires several elements.  All of which must work together to create an immersive Shower Body Spray Systemshower experience.  Normal shower faucets are designed to power a single showerhead.  Multi-jet shower systems need an additional diverter valve.  This valve provides a way to control which spray outlets are “on” at any given time.  There are also additional pipes that must be installed inside the wall cavity to deliver water to each body spray.  Depending on the number of body sprays you want, there are different recommended patterns used when installing the water pipes.

With proper planning, a shower body spray system will not only be a pleasure to use, but it is a great investment in your home.  In a world where having a stylish and functional master bathroom is a must, a multiple jet shower system is a great way to add value.  Plus, they are super functional, look great, and will change the way you enjoy your shower forever!

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