Heated Towel Bar

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Heated Towel Bar

There are many great advantages when it comes to a heated towel bar.  The three main reasons are having warm and dry towels, storage, and style.  They can even warm bathroom spaces and help dry your towels between use.  Having warm and dry towels is the best feature of a heated towel bar.

Where Do You Install a Heated Towel Bar?

Heated Towel BarHeated towel bars should be installed no closer than 24-inches from the water source.  What this means is that for a shower, the heated towel bar should be at least 24-inches away from the shower door opening.  For a bathtub, it should be at least 24-inches away from the rim of the tub.  The reason for this is to help limit your towels from absorbing extra moisture from the shower or bathtub.

Ideal locations include wall areas that are within easy reach when exiting the tub or shower.  The arm length for the average person is about 24-inches.

Never install a heated towel bar inside a shower or steam shower.  Heated towel bars use electricity.  Placing it directly inside a shower or steam shower creates an electrocution hazard.

Are Heated Towel Bars Expensive to Operate?

Heated Towel BarNo, they are not costly to operate.  The typical heated towel bar is designed to be on all the time so you can enjoy the luxury of wrapping yourself up in a dry, warm towel when you step out of the bath or shower.

Depending on its size, most only use between 40 to 180 watts of electricity.  They typically consume 100 to 200 watts of electricity per hour.  The cost is about 15 cents per day.  Some have a timer feature that lets you decide when the towel bar is heated.

Heated towel bars are very effective in heating and drying your towels.  Using one is less expensive than placing your wet towels into your gas or electric dryer.  Moreover, they add heat to your bathroom.  This is especially nice during the cold winter months.

Are there Health Benefits?

Heated Towel BarImproved hygiene is high on the list.  Heated towel bars help keep your towels fresh and free of mold and mildew because they dry after each use.  Hanging a wet towel on a standard towel bar even once will allow unpleasant mold and mildew to grow on towels.

According to recent reports, your towel can harbor up to 650 million bacteria after being used for one week.  This includes some harmful types that cause infections and even pneumonia.  To prevent bacterial build up, towels need to dry thoroughly after every use.  Heated towel bars do this exceptionally well.  The heat from a heated towel bar kills bacteria and slows down their growth by up to 90% between uses.

People with sensitive skin enjoy a heated towel bar because they no longer dry themselves with a towel that is full of harmful bacteria.

Towel warmers are very soothing for your mind and soul.  A warm towel rejuvenates our bodies in the morning and helps us relax in the evening. 

Are there Different Types of Towel Warmers?

There are two types – wall mounted and free standing.  For smaller bathrooms and bathrooms with less floor space, a wall mounted heated towel bar works best.  These also work well when the shower and bathtub are near each other.

Wall Mount Heated Towel Bar
Wall Mount

Free Standing Heated Towel bar
Free Standing

A free standing or floor model can be moved throughout the home.  It can even be used outside near the pool or sauna.

Towel warmers come in a variety of styles and finishes to match the decor of your bathroom.  Whether you prefer sleek profiles with minimal ornamentation or you like a classic style with an Old-World finish, the options are there.

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