Bathroom Mirrors

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Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom MirrorsBathroom mirrors do more than just allow you to check your appearance.  They add style, beauty, and character to your bathroom remodel.  Bathroom mirrors are available in an array of sizes, styles, and quality.

A mirror is much more than a piece of reflecting glass on your wall.  Bathroom mirrors can create an illusion of space for smaller bathrooms and improve interior light by reflecting it.  They can also have a significant impact on what you see reflecting back at you and what others actually see.

Bathrooms have high moisture content.  A cheap mirror will tarnish and rust quickly.  Only a durability, high-quality mirror will keep looking nice and bright year after year.

How are Bathroom Mirrors Made?

How are bathroom mirrors made?Bathroom mirrors are made from sand, soda ash, limestone, tin, silver, lead, or aluminum.  The first 3 ingredients are mixed and melted together using natural gas at very high temperatures.  These form into a liquid to form sheet glass.

This glass is then highly polished.  After applying tin, silver, or aluminum to one side, it becomes a mirror.  Paint is applied over the metal coating to prevent tarnishing.  The best mirrors are copper-free.

What is The Most Important Thing About Bathroom Mirrors?

When considering bathroom mirrors, there are 4 factors to consider

The purity of the sheet of glass (Bathroom mirrors must use high quality glass)

Mirrors are basically clear sheet glass with a reflective coating on the back.  High quality and durable bathroom mirrors require high quality raw materials.  The glass should have no inconsistencies as these will distort your reflection.

The flatness of the sheet of glass

Poor manufacturing processes and low-grade raw materials will produce bathroom mirrors that are not flat.  If the glass is not flat, what you see in the mirror will not be a true reflection looking back at you. This is especially troublesome when applying cosmetics.  Your eyes will fool you as cheap glass produces subtle waviness that distorts your reflection.  Even how you see your cloths in the mirror will be different than what others see.  In other words, with a low-quality mirror, what you see is not what others see!

The thickness of the mirror’s glass – Very important when selecting bathroom mirros

Bathroom mirrors are generally available in 1/8, 3/16, and 1/4-inch thicknesses.  Most discount stores, internet sellers, and large home improvement stores offer 1/8- and 3/16-inch-thick mirrors.  Many of these retailers do not give you the mirror thickness in their descriptions.  Never purchase a 1/8 or 3/16-inch mirror.  These will distort your image and begin tarnishing quickly.  They can also shatter easily.

The reflective coating on the glass (this coat turns the sheet of glass into a mirror)

The best, most durable, highest quality mirrors use 1/4-inch glass with a silver and red lead reflective coating.  This surface is then coated with a sealer to protect the red lead and silver from tarnishing.   A 1/4-inch mirror will not distort your image provided the wall it is affixed to is flat.

If the wall behind your mirror is not flat, it will mold to the walls inconsistencies and produce a distortion in the reflection.  In most cases, this means using a highly competent drywall installer and finisher to ensure a flat, even, consistent surface for your bathroom mirrors.

In summary, for the best quality, longest durability, and true reflection, install a 1/4-inch silver/red lead mirror from a reputable glass shop or contractor.  Make sure the glass is copper-free and the wall surface is flat.

To learn more about selecting mirrors for the bathroom, read the article mirrors for the bathroom.

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