Does it Pay to Spend Less?

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Does it Pay to Spend Less?

When performing any bathroom, kitchen, or interior remodeling, does it pay to spend less?  Well, not necessarily.  There are some cases where the “less is more” principle does not work and your remodel costs will increase.

Being cheap cuts costs for the moment, but usually causes you to incur additional greater expenses in the future.  That ends up being the antithesis of frugality.  In other words, you are throwing money down the toilet.

Here are a few instances where thriftiness can backfire:

  1. Couponing

10% off, free plans, free sink, free toilet, free granite, free $500 upgrade, free, free, free.  This is couponing.

Does It Pay to Spend Less?Are you saving money?  Does it pay to spend less?  The answer is no.  Let me ask you a simple question:  Do you know of any store that allows you to walk inside, take something off the shelf, and happily walk out the door with it?  Nothing is free.  People cannot pay the mortgage, pay the utilities, or put food on the table by giving stuff away for free.  You are paying for it somewhere.  The problem is you do not know where.  It is hidden.  That is dishonest, deceiving, and just plain wrong.  Is this the type of person that you trust in your home with your family?  Is this the type of person that you trust your hard-earned dollars with?

Couponing and truth – Does it pay to spend less?

Change Order

The moment of truth always comes once the job starts and out comes the change orders along with ever increasing demands for cash to “buy materials.”  Things don’t get done that were promised and materials you thought you were getting are not what’s installed.  Worse, you cannot see work performed behind the walls – and this is what is going to get you big time down the road – and boy will it cost you.  Of course, the cell phone number of the person who did the work is no longer in service – how convenient!   That’s not to mention the hours of your life you will spend doing it all over again and the frustration of being out of pocket all that money.  And for what?  Nothing, it all goes in the trash.  What a waste and what a tragedy.

The choice is yours, but I suggest you conduct a cost-benefit analysis to determine whether the hours and dollars spent on couponing are worth it.  Does it really make sense to spend $10 today and another $20 tomorrow along with all the frustration? That’s $30 vs. the $20 you would have spent in the beginning to have it done right the first time.

  1. Adopting a Deprivation Budget

Remodel cost - Does it pay to spend lessWhen you decide on a budget for your project, whatever the amount, you will find a line of people ready to take your money; especially when it’s far too low for what you want.  I can promise you that you will never experience a shortage of people ready to take, and I mean take (more like steal) your money.  In your effort to get diamonds for the price coal, you curb spending and willingly accept the guy who says “not a problem, I can do it!  I have found the secret to building and remodeling using only the finest materials at the cheapest price.  I am just brilliant.  Wait and see!”

Trust the people who will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.

It is tempting to go with it, after all, they are telling you exactly what you want to hear . . . your job and all its glory can be done for the leanest figures imaginable.  Really?  Here is a secret for you:  We all pay the same for that 2×4, screw, paint, etc.  So, what is the difference?  The difference is (a) the quality of that 2×4 – is it firewood grade or quality building grade?  Is it Dunn Edwards Suprema Paint or something from a discount dollar store? (b) Is the person installing the product an experienced craftsman or some guy just plucked from the corner earlier that morning?

I totally understand cutting remodel costs.  However, being unrealistic means your spending plan will fail.  For example, if you typically spend $600 at the grocery store for a family of four, what sense does it make to shave that number all the way down to $200?  The answer is simple: None at all.  You will save $400 on the grocery bill and spend $5,000 on the doctor when the kids are sick from malnutrition.  How much did you save now?  And the kids are injured for life!  Here again, does it pay to spend less?

  1. Buying Inferior Big-Ticket Items

Remodel cost - Does it pay to spend lessIf frugality is deeply embedded in your genetic makeup, it is no surprise that big-ticket items with low sticker prices may be enticing. However, cheaper is not always better, especially in building and remodeling.  Consider a $100 vs a $1,000 leather handbag.  Ask yourself, which of the two leather handbags will:

  • Truly be the better price.
  • Give you the greatest happiness and satisfaction.
  • Fulfills your needs and desires for shape, finish, and balance.
  • Provides the quality, look, feel, and confidence you are looking for.
  • Be an expression of your personality.

Will a cheap bathroom remodel truly provide the best benefit and save you money?

Does it pay to spend less?Another perfect example is the purchase of a cheap bathroom remodel – just reface the cabinets, paint, and install new tile in the shower over the existing fiberglass.  Maybe tile the floor (over the old floor).  Install polished plastic chrome plumbing fixtures.  It may look good, smell great and be priced at an incredible point, but you will soon discover the meaning of a “tail light warranty.”  Within a year or two, you’ll have me over wanting to know why (a) the other guy who remodeled your bathroom is not returning your calls (b) the tile floor is cracked (c) the shower leaks (d) the shower door no longer closes properly (e) the toilet requires “jiggle the handle technology” to make it work.

You cut costs today but end up where you started when it is all said and done.  Cheap and inferior is just that.  Something for nothing is a con job.

  1. Cutting Corners – Does it Pay to Spend Less?

Remodel cost - Does it pay to spend lessAre you riding the wave of luck when it comes to your remodel? Do you remodel the bathroom and not replace the shower valve or install an inferior brand?  Wait until you must tear out your new shower tile to replace the shower valve that you got for a great deal on the internet or at the local home improvement store.  Better yet, when you convert your tub to a shower and don’t increase the size of the drain from 1-1/2” to 2”.  Let me know how that works out.  Oh yeah, you got a great deal!  A great deal more expense and heartache!!!

Cutting corners to save money?  Does it really pay to spend less?

It’s like this:  consider those who ignored dental visits to save money for so long that they now must live with gum disease and costly deep cleanings for the rest of their lives.   Just think about those individuals with debilitating medical conditions who could have detected them earlier with routine medical examinations and blood work.  How much did they save in the long run?  Does it pay to spend less?  You be the judge.

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