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Asbestos HVAC Duct Work Danger

HVAC duct work in many older attic spaces can be asbestos type.  HVAC systems using asbestos are very common in 1970’s and older Orange County homes.  Communities such as Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Irvine, and many other South Orange County, California homes have asbestos duct work danger throughout their HVAC systems.  It is also very possible that this same asbestos type ducting is located in concealed wall, ceiling, and floor spaces in your home.  Homes with asbestos ducting and liners can be very dangerous to the occupants.  When the air conditioning and heater are in use, asbestos fibers can become airborne.  It is illegal for Contractors or anyone else to alter, repair, or attach any new work to asbestos duct work.

Asbestos HVACAsbestos HVAC
Asbestos HVAC
  • A substantial percentage of homes built in the 1960’s and 1970’s had asbestos ductwork installed during original construction.

  • Left undisturbed, asbestos-containing materials usually do not create any health risks.  Over time, asbestosis breaks down.  This occurs because of heat, aging, frequent contact, and remodeling activities.  This can also happen from poor installation.  Tiny particles of asbestosis are released into the air and ductwork when disturbed.  These particles are then possibly inhaled into the lungs.  Asbestos fibers are microscopically small.  Those which seem to be visible to the human eye are actually threads of thousands of fibers.  Common diseases associated with asbestos are:

    • Asbestosis:  A noncancerous respiratory disease that results from progressive scarring of the lung tissue caused by lodging of asbestos.

    • Mesothelioma:  A rare cancer in the lining of the chest and abdomen.  This is almost always associated with previous asbestos exposure.

    • Lung Cancer:  Inhaled asbestos particles act as a carcinogen when lodged in lung tissue.

For more information on Asbestos, see the National Cancer Institute Asbestos Fact Sheet.

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