Bathtub in the Guest Bathroom

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Bathtub in the Guest Bathroom

Is a bathtub in the guest bathroom necessary?  Will removing a bathtub in the guest bathroom decrease my home value?  Are there any benefits to keeping a bathtub in the guest bathroom?  It seems a lot of clients are asking these questions.

Why are people asking about eliminating the bathtub in the guest bathroom?

Something has changed in the family dynamic over the last few years.  Typically, I would get questions about removing the bathtub in the guest bathroom a few times each year.  During the last few years, this question is coming up more often.

There are two primary reasons clients want to remove the bathtub in the guest bathroom.

Bathtub in the Guest BathroomHis and hers bathrooms is the first reason.   After the children have grown and moved, mom and dad (mostly mom) are looking for their own bathroom space.  Sharing a common master bathroom is no longer preferred.  It seems neither mom nor dad wants a bathtub.  Both want their own shower in their own bathroom.  Why?  Bathtubs become difficult to safely navigate as we get older.  Using a bathtub is a primary source of serious injuries for older Americans.

Standing and balancing when bathing and performing bathing hygiene tasks becomes more challenging as we age.  Clients want a seat (preferably a bench seat) when bathing.  That’s not possible with a bathtub.

What about a curbless or walk-in shower in the guest bathroom?

When feasible, clients are very interested in replacing the bathtub with a curbless or walk-in showerBathtub in the Guest Bathroom - Walk in Shower in Guest bathroom. These showers have no barrier (shower dam) and movement in and out of the shower is much safer.  Ease of movement is greatly increased.  Adding a seat, large shampoo recess, hand bar, and shower fixture with a hand shower makes the experience very pleasant and satisfying.

Children is the second reason.  This may seem counterproductive.  The bathtub is where most children are bathed.  This is a primary reason to keep the bathtub in the guest bathroom.  It is also why many real estate professionals encourage keeping the bathtub in the guest bathroom.

Bathtub in the Guest BathroomClients who choose to have children are doing so much later in life.  Starting a family early to mid-30’s is now common.  Most guest bathrooms in Orange County have little room to maneuver between the toilet and bathtub.  Compounding the difficulty is the location of the tub/shower fixtures.  They are almost always next to the toilet.

Older mothers and fathers are not as flexible and limber.  They have difficulty being on their knees in tight places lifting, bending, washing, and maneuvering a small child.  This difficulty is compounded by a protesting child or one that likes to make lots of waves and splashing.  A shower eliminates all these difficulties and makes for a much safer, enjoyable, and convenient bathing experience.

Are there any other reasons why clients want to remove the bathtub?

For the same reasons noted above, clients want a safe and comfortable place for their relatives and friends to bathe when they visit.  Another reason is clients don’t see the point in a bathtub that can’t be comfortably used.  Most bathtubs in the guest bathroom are 5-feet (60-inches) long.  However, as the tub tapers towards the bottom, they become 48 to 55-inches at the bottom.  Few adolescents or adults can comfortably take a bath in a 60-inch space, much less a 48-55-inch space.  Most tract home bathtubs are also narrow.  No matter how you look at it, you just don’t fit!

What about home value?

Bathtub in the Guest BathroomIf you are going to live in your home for 10 or more years, make it the way you want it.  If you plan on living in your home for decades, do what works for you and your family.

In similar fashion, if you plan on aging in place, do what makes you feel safe, comfortable, and happy.  Don’t worry about what somebody else thinks you should do.  Do what works for you and your family.  It’s your house.  Make it your home.

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