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Home Remodeling Contractor Information

Home Remodeling Contractor InformationThe new 2019 California Contractors License Law published some very interesting information.  There is also some other new and interesting information.  The last time I published this information under “Home Remodeling Contractor Information” was during 2015 – it’s one of the most visited pages on the DAD’s Construction BLOG.  I thought it would be interesting to look at what’s happen over the last 3 years.  So, let’s compare 2015 to 2018 (the last year information was available).

  1. The population of California is 39,927,315 vs 37,253,956 in 2015; an increase of 2,673,359 or 7%.

  2. For 2019 there were about 282,000 licensed Contractors vs 286,217 for 2015.  This represents a loss of 4,217 or 2%. Of these, only 103,949 are active General Contractors (Class B).  The requirements for becoming a General Contractor require substantially more experience, training, and schooling than any of the other 44 trade license classifications that constitute the construction industry except for General Engineers.

  3. There were 103,949 active General Contractors.  It’s estimated that less than half (51,975) specialize in residential home remodeling. That’s 1 Contractor for every 768 people.  There are not that many.  Why?  It takes decades of knowledge, experience, and training to become a professional, competent, skilled residential home remodeler.  Find a great one like DAD’s Construction and don’t let go!

    1. Let’s look closer at this. Currently, there is a shortage of more than 300,000 construction workers.  By 2026 this number swells to 747,000!  That’s a 447,000 or 149% increase.  Who is going to perform your bathroom or kitchen remodel?

    2. The problem? Young people are simply not entering the trades.  When asked why, they tell me “it’s to hard, dirty, and/or everyone pushed me to go to college.”  If they can’t use a cell phone to do the job, they’re simply not interested!  I tried using a cell phone to hammer a nail – it didn’t go well.

    3. Every day, I have customers tell me that nobody returns their calls and contractors fail to show up for appointments. Well, I can tell you why that is.  There is far too much work and not enough workers to do it.  I also hear that once a contractor starts a job, they vanish for weeks before they return . . . only to vanish for another few weeks!

  4. According to the California Contractors State License Board (CSLB), unlicensed contractors generate 97% of the more than 20,000 consumer complaints they get each year.

  5. Home Remodeling Contractor Information - CSLB SWIFT OperationEach year, the CSLB conducts sting operations to catch unlicensed individuals throughout the State. These operations have netted people who had drugs and drug paraphernalia in their possession, convicted attempted murders, registered sex offenders, residing illegally, etc.  “Some scary people who you wouldn’t want in your home or possibly around your kids,” said CSLB. These bad guys would not have passed the required criminal background check to get a license.

  6. Unlicensed individuals can only advertise for construction work they are legally able to perform without a license and the work cannot exceed $500 in value (includes all labor and materials). A job can’t be broken down into multiple $500 increments to avoid prosecution.

  7. The CSLB, “When participating in the activities of the Joint Enforcement Strike Force on the Underground Economy pursuant to Section 329 of the Unemployment Insurance Code, the enforcement division shall have free access to all places of labor.” What this means is that if it’s determined that you have unlicensed individuals working in your home, CSLB enforcement and police/sheriff officers can legally enter your home without a warrant.  Imagine this while you’re at work!  Your home is raided and there is nothing you can say or do about it.  Better make sure everyone is properly licensed that’s working on your home!

Bottom line:  Find a great Contractor (like DAD’s) who returns your phone calls, shows up to appointments on time (DAD’s is usually early), provides great ideas and always provides you with a free rough estimate.  DAD’s Construction is fully licensed, insured, and bonded.  When DAD’s starts a job, we will not leave you stranded to go work somewhere else for weeks on end.

I hope this Home Remodeling Contractor Information is helpful.

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