Medicine Cabinet

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Medicine Cabinet

The medicine cabinet has been a bathroom staple since the early 1920s.  For over 100 years, the medicine cabinet has enjoyed a prominent location in Americas bathrooms.  There are two types of medicine cabinets.  These are wall or surface mounted and recessed.  The standard medicine cabinet size is 4”-5” deep, 24-25” high, and 15” wide.

A medicine cabinet is a small storage space usually located by the bathroom sink.  The typical bathroom medicine cabinet is installed above the sink countertop on the side wall.  Less common is directly over the sink, below the vanity light fixture.  Especially in a small bathroom, these offer a wonderful way to add much needed storage space.

These cabinets are typically used for everyday products like medication, skincare, eye, and hygiene products.  Higher quality and more luxurious medicine cabinets offer crystal clear mirrors on both the outside and inside of the door.  The inside mirror offers great assistance when applying cosmetics and performing facial hygiene such as grooming eyebrows and eyelashes.  This large, up-close inside mirror is especially helpful when eyesight is less than optimal.  Cabinets with inside lighting are even more helpful when performing up close grooming and cosmetic applications.

Medicine Cabinet Types

Medicine cabinets are available as surface mounted and recess.  Recess medicine cabinets are placed inside a framed wall cavity.  This is the most common type of installation.  A surface mounted cabinet is installed directly on top of the wall surface.  Recess installations are the most common.  Why? Because the wall mount version sticks out by at least 4-5” from the wall surface.  Many people do not like this look.  It makes the bathroom space appear smaller and “boxy.”

Recessed Medicine Cabinet

Surface Mounted Medicine Cabinet
Surface Mounted

What Is Important When Choosing a Medicine Cabinet?

Medicine cabinets are typically in high moisture, high usage environments.  They also experience lots of touch scenarios.  Opening and closing the cabinet with your hands subjects them to everything that is on your hands.  On average, these cabinets are opened and closed almost 15,000 times over ten years.  Soaps, cosmetics, mouthwash, toothpaste, medications, and the like are in regular contact with the door and inside of the cabinet.  Therefore, it’s important to select a cabinet that is made using stainless steel or a durable rust-resistant acrylic paint finish.

The most durable medicine cabinets also offer premium exterior and interior mirrors, fully adjustable European soft close hinges, adjustable glass shelves with snap-fit shelf supports, and have a reversable left- or right-hand opening.

The Best Medicine Cabinets Have These Characteristics:

  • Reversible installation allowing for left- or righthand (170°) door opening.
  • Fully adjustable Euro style hinges to ensure a smooth, level, and positive door closing.
  • Exterior mirror ensures a distortion-free, riche reflection and is available in either polished or 1/2” beveled trim options.
  • Include interior mirrors on the door and cabinet back to add light and functionality.
  • Adjustable glass shelves that provide light reflection, strength, and easy cleaning.
  • Snap-t shelf supports to ensure glass shelves stay in place but can be easily removed for cleaning.
  • Stainless steel or a durable rust-resistant acrylic paint finish.
  • Corner bumpers that cushion the door for a soft, quiet close.
  • Last over 20 years.

Medicine Cabinet Shapes

The standard shape is rectangular.  However, round, oval, and arched are also available.  For all shapes, the box itself is typically rectangular or square.  Some will have a box that conforms to the mirror shape.

Rectangular Medicine Cabinet

Round Medicine Cabinet

Oval Medicine Cabinet

Arched Medicine Cabinet

What Medicine Cabinet Works Best for You?

The right cabinet for you will depend on your personal needs and bathroom space.  Cabinets are available with a host of options.  These include fog free mirrors, backlighting, perimeter, and interior lighting.  USB charging ports and electrical plugs inside are also available.  Cabinets come in single, double, and triple modular configurations.

My experience is Robern makes the best cabinets and offers the most styles and configurations.  Robern cabinets offer dramatic visual impact while providing functional storage.  Long term durability, style, and functionality are hallmarks of Robern.  More than any other cabinet, Robern does an exceptional job of combining beauty, style, and functionality.  Robern is owned by Kohler.  Most of their cabinets are assembled in Bristol, Pennsylvania.  They cost a bit more; however, they are well worth it.

Jensen is another particularly good maker of medicine cabinets.  They too offer a wide selection of high-quality cabinets.  They are well made, beautiful, and exceptionally durable.  I highly recommend Jensen for their high quality, superior design, and excellent value.  They are made in America in Texas by Rangaire.

When selecting a medicine cabinet, space, performance, durability, style, usage, and size are important considerations.  Equally important is who will be using the cabinet.

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