Bathroom Makeup Mirror

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Bathroom Makeup Mirror

Especially in the master bathroom, having a bathroom makeup mirror is a must.  The large mirror over the vanity is typically 22-25” away from you; too far away for close grooming and applying cosmetics.  The lighting is also not ideal for applying cosmetics at this distance.

According to surveys, women spend an average of $313 per month on their appearance.  Therefore, it’s important to understand and invest in a good bathroom makeup mirror and good lighting to help you look your best.

What Type of Bathroom Makeup Mirror Is Best?

Let’s look at a few options.

Vanity Bathroom Makeup Mirror

Medicine Cabinet Bathroom Makeup Mirror
Medicine Cabinet

Free Standing Bathroom Makeup Mirror
Free Standing

Wall Mount Bathroom Makeup Mirror
Wall Mount

Whichever one of these suits you best will depend on space, eyesight, and preference.

Vanity/Sink Bathroom Makeup Mirror

This option works best when vanity countertop space is limited.  If you have no countertop or your single sink countertop is 36” or less in length, this is a good option.  Small countertops will not efficiently and safely support cosmetics, curling iron, blow dryer, and other personal care items.  There simply is not enough space.

Medicine Cabinet Bathroom Makeup Mirror

A high quality medicine cabinet with an LED circumference light on the outside and/or inside door mirror is an excellent suggestion when space is limited.  This too is a nice alternative when the single sink countertop is 36” or less in length or there is no countertop.  Unlike a vanity/sink bathroom makeup mirror, a medicine cabinet bathroom makeup mirror gives you convenient storage and the ability to get closer to the mirror.  With the door open, you can get closer to your reflection.  This allows you to apply cosmetics with more confidence.

Another option is to install the medicine cabinet makeup mirror on the side wall with a non-lighted mirror over the vanity.  This allows up close and personal cosmetic application.  Many women appreciate this configuration for the flexibility the two different mirrors provide.

Free Standing Bathroom Makeup Mirror

These are perfect for a single sink vanity countertop length of 48” or more.  The free-standing bathroom makeup mirror allows the user to move the mirror to the perfect location.  It can even be relocated to another room if necessary.  These also travel nicely.

They do have a few drawbacks.  Firstly, you can’t change the height.  Some women find the bending over and leaning difficult when using the mirror.  In some cases, even painful.  Second, they can tip over and fall off the counter or into the sink.  Although the base of higher quality free standing makeup mirrors is heavy, they can and do tip over.  This heavy base can be very painful if it falls on your foot.  They can even damage the floor when they fall.  Lastly, they must be plugged into a receptacle.  Although rare, reports of shock and electrocution have occurred with this type of mirror.

Wall Mount Bathroom Makeup Mirror

This mirror is highly favored for its ease of use, flexibility, and safety.  Wall mount bathroom makeup mirrors are adjustable.  They swing, tilt, and move back-and-forth.  They can be installed at the height that works best for you.  The electricity is behind the wall so there is no cord or power connection to be concerned about.  These mirrors take up zero countertop space – which is at a premium for small vanities.  Another nice feature is that cosmetics can be placed directly under the mirror for ease of use.  High quality wall mount makeup mirrors include the following:

  • Two-point extension for effortless adjustability.
  • 5x-10x magnification to help with up-close details.
  • Adjustable positioning of mirror: up/down tilt of 35°+.
  • Frameless, for a minimalistic look.
  • Concave mirror.
  • Durable finish.
  • Energy efficient LED lighting.
  • Frosted light bar that surrounds the mirror.
  • Color switching between 3000K and 5000K LED lighting.
  • Light direction and output that eliminates dark shadows, providing bright, even task lighting and rich, saturated tones to your reflection.
  • Accurate color rendering so you can see your truest reflection.
  • Controlled via a back-lit touch switch.

What is The Secret to an Excellent Bathroom Makeup Mirror?

As any beauty artist will tell you there are two key elements that make an excellent bathroom makeup mirror.  These are lighting and a magnifying concave mirror.  Let’s look closer at each of these.

Makeup Mirror Lighting

Bathroom Makeup MirrorBathroom Makeup MirrorFront-lit ring light makeup mirrors with LED lighting beneath the glass are the best for applying cosmetics.  Mirrors with backlit lights offer a gentle light that doesn’t cast any dark shadows like lighted mirrors or traditional mirrors. 

Ring light mirrors bring professional-grade lighting to your mirror.  They distribute light evenly across your face so there are no awkward shadows.

The best ring light mirrors have different color temperature settings, so you use the light that works best for you.  Another benefit is that they provide even illumination and generate a radiance similar to that of natural light.

Many bathroom makeup mirrors today have a touch feature on the mirror itself.  Simply touching the mirror will turn the light on and off and change the light setting.

Is LED or fluorescent better for makeup?

Fluorescent lights are the most unflattering light for makeup.  They highlight flaws and hide your best features.  LED lights are the clear winner.

What LED is best for makeup?

A soft to bright white LED is the best artificial light source for makeup application. Its color rendering score can be around 80 to 90.  This makes it close to LED Bathroom Makeup Mirrornatural light, which has a score of 100.  The amount of heat the bulb gives off is another important consideration.  As for lumens, 1000 to 1400 is recommended for makeup application, which is equivalent to an 8-to-14-watt LED bulb.  Wattage and lumens vary widely depending on the type of bulb being used.  So, it’s important to check lumens and equivalent watts when selecting a makeup mirror.

When it comes to color temperature, white light is best when applying makeup. However, look for a light fixture that allows you to adjust your lighting so you can test how the application will look in other lighting conditions.

Natural light is the best lighting for makeup application because it’s evenly dispersed and clear, making it easier to see if something isn’t blending right.  Pure sunlight has a 5000K color temperature, making it clear and good at rendering color. Sunlight also has a CRI of 100.

Magnifying Concave Bathroom Makeup Mirrors

Concave bathroom makeup mirrors magnify objects in focus.  These are the best mirrors for makeup application.  Concave mirrors are curved, and as light hits the upper and lower portions of the mirror, the image is focused on a central point, projected outward from the mirror itself.  They reflect “real” almost 3-Magnifying Concave Makeup Mirrordimensional images.

Concave mirrors allow you to zoom in on your face to achieve a more detailed and flawless makeup.  Concave mirrors are sometimes referred to as cosmetic mirrors.

Look for an 8-10-inch ring (round) concave makeup mirror with a 1x/-5x magnification.  These mirrors allow you to view yourself in non-magnified and up-close magnification.  The 5x mirror helps with up-close details.

When choosing a makeup mirror, it’s worth thinking carefully about your vision.  If you’re near-sighted, you probably won’t need as much magnification because your up-close vision will already be quite good.

If you’re far-sighted, or you prefer putting your makeup on before applying your contact lenses, you’ll need at least a magnification level of between 5 and 15 times.  Using a lighted makeup mirror will add to the magnification and improve your vision, giving you more focus.

Makeup mirror magnificationMirror magnification

  • 2x magnification: The lowest magnification level.  This only slightly increases your image size. If you have perfect vision or normal vision, this is a good mirror choice for you.  Lower magnification level options are usually helpful when you want to apply makeup using a compact mirror.  With good vision and a decent light source, you won’t need to go much higher than 2x magnification.
  • 5x magnification: This is the most common option for magnifying mirrors.  Bathroom makeup mirrors with 5x magnification are a personal preference of many makeup artists. They don’t give too much of a close-up view.  They help with minimizing vision problems and provide you with a more detailed view of your Magnifying Cosmetic Mirrorentire look. These mirrors are common in bathroom mirror choices (vanity, dresser table, and ring mirrors).
  • 7x and 8x magnification: A little less common than the other options.  These mirrors are for those who need extra focus on a specific part of their face.  For example, you might find 7x or 8x magnifying mirrors are a must-have for your vanity when you’re tweezing or applying very precise makeup.  Mirrors with this level of magnification are designed for comprehensive and precise makeup application.
  • 10x and higher magnification:  These mirrors produce a much larger image than the other options.  The 10x magnification and higher mirrors are far more intense.  It’s worth remembering that ultra-high levels of magnification require the largest mirror faces.  Therefore, you won’t find one of these mirrors in compact form.  These mirrors are designed for cosmetic and makeup applications without glasses.  You will see every pore on your face in the right light.

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