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Towel Ring

The towel ring is also referred to as the hand towel ring.  When deciding on a towel ring for your bathroom remodel, the style you select reflects your design, personality, and function.  It needs to complement your new bathroom remodel but not be overwhelming.

Towel rings are for light, occasional, and decorative use.  These work well in bath and powder rooms that primarily serve guests or to create a touch of elegance.  Style, durability, and beauty are the trademarks of a great towel ring.

In the same manner as bathroom towel bars, tissue holders, makeup mirrors, toilets, sinks, faucets, and all other bathroom accessories, many people confuse type with style.  The most common types of towel rings are closed, open, and mini.  Traditional, transitional, and contemporary represent towel ring styles.

Towel Ring Types

Whatever towel ring type you prefer, make sure it’s made using premium metal construction such as stainless steel or brass for durability and reliability.  This includes the roller and its internal spring mechanism.  The spring-loaded roller should be non-separating.  Finishes should also resist corrosion, rust, and tarnishing.  Quality rings will typically have a lifetime warranty.

Closed Towel Ring

Open Towel Ring

Mini Towel Ring
Mini (Enlarged)

There are 3 towel ring styles.  These are traditional, transitional, and contemporary.

When considering towel rings for your bathroom, there are two key factors.  The first is who will be using the bathroom.  The second is how the bathroom will be used.  These may sound the same.  However, they are very different questions.

When considering who will be using the bathroom, we are referring to a child or adult.  Adults are further broken down by handicapped and non-handicapped.  A children’s bathroom has vastly different requirements than one used by an adult.  For children, sturdy, durable, well connected and installed rings designed for heavy and careless use are important.

Adult bathrooms emphasize style, durability, and firmly installed rings.  Moreover, mobility is an important consideration.  For example, if you have or experience mobility difficulties, have trouble with flexibility or balance, do not install a hand towel ring.  Why?  They may be mistaken during a slip and fall incident for a grab bar.  Towel rings make poor grab bars and can lead to a serious injury.

How a bathroom will be used refers to an active bathroom versus a passive bathroom.  An active bathroom is one that is used throughout the day.  A passive bathroom is primarily for guests, such as a powder room.

Towel Ring Styles

Towel Ring

Towel Ring

Towel Ring
Contemporary or Modern

What Defines Style?

All styles can be closed, open, square, or even octagon in shape.  They can have one or two posts.  It’s not the shape of the ring that defines the style of a towel ring.  The style is defined by the post and character of the ring.

Traditional towel ring posts and rings offer simple yet elegant curves and lines that are reminiscent of old-world design.  They provide both function and distinctive visual impact for bath and powder rooms.  These  rings typically display more distinctive and sharper posts and rings.  The rings that are circular are more round while square rings offer decisive corner bends and turns.

Transitional towel ring posts and rings combine sleek, sculptured, fluid design lines.  Smooth curvature is characteristic of transitional design.  They combine timeless vintage craftsman style with artisan design to give your bathroom space character and authenticity.

Transitional towel rings have clean lines with a soft midcentury modern style to their posts and rings.  These incorporate some of the sharpness of traditional rings with aspects of contemporary sleekness.  These rings incorporate minimalism functionality to create dynamic beauty.  They will add an elegant, affordable accent to your bath and powder room spaces.

Contemporary (or Modern) towel rings use minimalistic lines in their posts and rings.  These lines are blended with precise angles and geometric forms to create a clean, smooth, versatile look.  Even the square rings have smother corners and transitions.  Incorporating subtly angled surfaces, these towel rings are designed for a modern chic look.  Slim, restrained lines with elegantly flared shapes define the modern design.

Towel Ring Size

Many people are unaware that towel rings are available in many different widths, heights, and depths.  It is very important to have a clear understanding of how your towel ring will be used.  Decorative or functional use, the size of your hand towel will have a lot to do with the size that works best for you.

Available widths are 6,7,8,9,10, and 12 inches.  For depth, 1,2,3,4, and 5 inches are typical.  Towel rings come in heights of 1,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10 inches.  The standard size for most rings is about 3-3/4” to 4” deep, around 8” high, and around 7” wide.  However, as one can see, there are lots of sizes to choose from.

For everyday hand towel use, a standard sized traditional or transitional sized ring works great.  For something more decorative, a smaller contemporary ring is more suitable.

How High Should a Towel ring be Installed?

The standard height is 20 inches above the top of the vanity countertop.  From the floor, the height is about 56 inches.  These are almost always installed directly over the vanity countertop or no more than a few inches from the front or side of the vanity countertop.

Never install over a switch, dimmer, vacancy sensor, humidistat, or plug.  You do not want wet hands grabbing a damp or wet towel that is over an electrical appliance.

What Towel ring Style Works Best for You?

The right towel ring for you will depend on your personal needs and bathroom space.  When selecting a ring, space, performance, durability, style, usage, and size are important considerations.  Equally important is who will be using the ring.  Everyday use or occasional use all matter.

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