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Tissue Holder

The tissue holder is also referred to as the toilet paper holder, TP holder, tissue dispenser, and toilet roll holder.  When deciding on a tissue holder for your bathroom remodel, the style you select reflects your design, personality, and function.  The tissue holder needs to complement your new bathroom remodel but not be overpowering.

As an essential bathroom accessory in every home, the TP holder has one job in the bathroom.  To supply tissue paper when using the facility.  Performance, durability, and beauty are the hallmarks of a great tissue holder.

In the same manner as bathroom towel bars, towel rings, makeup mirrors, toilets, sinks, faucets, and all other bathroom accessories, many people confuse type with style.  Type includes wall mounted, recessed, and free standing.  Traditional, transitional, and contemporary represent tissue holder styles.

Tissue Holder Types

Whatever tissue holder type you prefer, make sure it’s made using premium metal construction such as stainless steel or brass for durability and reliability.  This includes the roller and its internal spring mechanism.  The spring-loaded roller should be non-separating.  Finishes should also resist corrosion, rust, and tarnishing.  Quality tissue holders will typically have a lifetime warranty.

Wall Mount Tissue Holder
Wall Mount

Freestanding Tissue Holder

Recessed Tissue Holder

Wall Mount

Wall Mount TP Dispenser with Cell Phone TrayThis is the most common type of TP holder.  Wall-mounted toilet paper holders attach using screws and mounting brackets.  Installation is simple using household tools.  Most include the hardware and template needed to install.  They’re available in a broad range of finishes, styles, and sizes to accommodate standard and oversized toilet paper rolls.

These TP holders are perhaps the easiest to use.  They have a few drawbacks.  Firstly, they are typically installed on the side of the bathroom cabinet.  This feels crowded and makes using the dispenser difficult due to the lack of space to maneuver one’s arm when dispensing and applying the tissue paper to body parts.  Second, because of their proximity to the toilet, they can easily be broken by the user.  Lastly, this TP holder enjoys an almost universal phenomenon.  This being that no one knows how to replace an empty roll with a fresh one!  Why is the TP holder always empty!  This discovery is usually made after relieving oneself.  This requires the user to stand up, waddle to a cabinet, bend, or squat down to retrieve another roll of toilet paper, then waddle back to the toilet (and perhaps dropping or dripping something along the way).


Freestanding TP Dispenser with Cell Phone TrayFreestanding toilet paper holders are perfect for those who have limited space for a dispenser.  They can be easily moved to whatever location the user finds most comfortable.  These can be placed into a corner when finished for an almost out of sight appearance.  They take up little room on the floor and offer a unique aesthetic.  Freestanding also eliminates the cramped feeling of a tissue holder installed on the side of the bathroom cabinet.

Freestanding TP holders are available in lots of different finishes.  Design options are almost unlimited.  Popular models include cell phone space on top.  This allows the user to use the toilet and enjoy a convenient place to store or use their cell phone.  They typically hold all sizes of toilet paper.  From double, jumbo, to mega, most freestanding tissue dispensers will accept all of them.

This type of TP holder typically has storage for extra rolls of tissue paper.  This is a nice convenience when another roll is required.  The user does not need to stand up, waddle to a cabinet, bend, or squat down to retrieve another roll of toilet paper, then waddle back to the toilet (and perhaps dropping or dripping something along the way).


Recessed TP DispenserRecessed holders are designed to fit inside the wall cavity when space is limited, or a less obvious look is desired.  These holders are available in a variety of colors, designs, and with or without a cover.

The nicest advantage to the recessed TP holder is that it is “tucked away”.  If there is a tiled shower and the shower wall opposite the toilet has a tiled wall or pony wall, this TP holder is ideal.  It fits neatly inside the tiled wall and adds a subtle touch of elegance.  With a cover, it adds to the overall appearance of the other bathroom fixtures.

Recessed TP holders are considered modern in style.  High quality recessed TP dispensers are made using seamless rustproof brass or stainless steel.  Simple and sleek in design, the finishes provide a lifetime of durable beauty.  Some of the best recessed holders are made by Kohler, Newport Brass, Santec, Luant, Sento, and JunSun.  When purchasing a recessed dispenser, look for a model that accepts mega toilet paper rolls.

There are 3 tissue holder styles.  These are traditional, transitional, and contemporary.

When considering tissue holders for your bathroom, the key factor is who will be using the bathroom.  A children’s bathroom has vastly different requirements than one used by an adult.  For children, sturdy, durable, well connected and installed tissue holders designed for heavy and careless use are important.

Adult bathrooms emphasize style, durability, and firmly installed tissue holders.  Moreover, size and mobility are important considerations.  For example, if you are a large person, experience mobility difficulties, or have trouble with flexibility, a freestanding tissue dispenser is a good choice.

Those with mobility concerns will want to consider tissue holders that double as grab bars.  These tissue holders combine the strength of a grab bar with the functionality and beauty of a well-constructed TP holder.

Let’s look at the 3 tissue holder styles.

Traditional Tissue Holder

Transitional Tissue Holder

Contemporary Tissue Holder
Contemporary or Modern

Traditional Tissue Holders

These have two posts and a round spring loaded roller.  The mounting hardware and roller are key components for durability.  The roller and internal spring can be plastic or metal.  Always select a traditional TP dispenser with a metal spring-loaded, non-separating roller design.  The mounting hardware should be heavy duty and include 2 screws per post.

Traditional TP holders offer simple yet elegant curves and lines that are reminiscent of old-world design.  They provide both function and distinctive visual impact for bath and powder rooms.

Transitional Tissue Holders

Combine sleek, sculptured, fluid design lines.  Curved bars are a trademark of transitional design.  Combining timeless vintage craftsman style with artisan design gives your bathroom space character and authenticity.

Transitional tissue holders have clean lines with a soft midcentury modern style.  These tissue holders incorporate minimalism functionality to create dynamic beauty.  They will add an elegant, affordable accent to your bath and powder room spaces.

Contemporary (or Modern) Tissue Holders

Use minimalistic lines.  These lines are blended with precise angles and geometric forms to create a clean, versatile look.  Incorporating subtly angled surfaces, these tissue holders are designed for a modern chic look.  Slim, restrained lines with elegantly flared shapes define the modern design.

How High Should a Tissue Holder be Installed?

How High Should a Tissue Holder be Installed?The toilet paper holder should be installed 8-12” in front of the front rim of the toilet bowl.  This limits the amount of bending, stretching, twisting, or other awkward positions your body needs to make to reach the toilet paper.  Unfortunately, few bathrooms in Orange County are designed to allow for this type of installation.  Therefore, most TP dispensers are installed on the side of the bathroom cabinet.  The recommended height is 26-inches up from the floor to the center of the TP roller.

When installing on the side of the cabinet, allow 22-24” from the face of the cabinet side to the center of the toilet.  This gives you the 15” to center of the toilet required by building code and another 6-8” for the tissue holder and toilet paper roll (each about 4” to 4 1/2” deep).

Another way to find the best location for your TP holder is to sit on the toilet seat, close your eyes, and reach naturally for the toilet paper.  Open your eyes and note the location.  That’s where your TP holder should be installed.

Another great option is a freestanding tissue holder.  With a freestanding TP holder, it does not matter who uses the bathroom.  The tissue holder is always in the perfect location because the user places it where it works best for them.  If space is a concern, opt for a freestanding tissue holder that dispenses only one roll of toilet paper and has no extra TP storage or place for a cell phone.  This type of freestanding dispenser is for 1 roll of toilet paper at a time.

What Tissue holder Style Works Best for You?

The right tissue holder for you will depend on your personal needs and bathroom space.  When selecting a tissue holder, space, performance, durability, and style are important considerations.  Equally important is who will be using the tissue holder.  User size, age, and flexibility all matter.

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