Home Water Filter System

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Home Water Filter System

When performing a bathroom or kitchen remodel, or repipe, I strongly suggest to my clients they consider a ScaleBlaster home water filter system.  What on earth is this? It’s an electronic water conditioner that’s affordable, eco-friendly, salt-free, chemical-free and a maintenance free solution to your limescale deposits and soap scum.  It’s completely safe for both the environment and your family.

A ScaleBlaster water conditioner may be the best solution for your home.  It is low maintenance, has low running costs, and provides overall improvement of drinking water.

How Does ScaleBlaster Work as a Home Water Filter System?

It’s not a big, cumbersome water softener that takes up a bunch of space in the garage.  It’s also not a system that takes up all the room under your kitchen sink.  The ScaleBlaster SB-75 is a small, roughly 7-inch long x 5-inch tall x 2-in deep healthy and economical way to remove limescale deposits while prolonging the life of your appliances.  You’ll also enjoy the benefits of your skin feeling softer and smoother, hair that’s more manageable, silkier feeling water, and soap suds that wash away easily.  Brighter, whiter, and longer lasting clothes, towels, and sheets are added benefits of a compact ScaleBlaster water conditioner.

ScaleBlaster Home Water Filter System

The ScaleBlaster water conditioner uses your existing Copper, PEX, PVC, and CPVC water pipes.  As incoming water passes through your water pipe, a signal frequency is applied through the pipe into the water causing calcium molecules to lose their ability to adhere.  Therefore, these molecules no longer attach to any surface or form limescale deposits.  Existing limescale is dissolved and never returns.

Below is a diagram of how the system works.

ScaleBlaster Home Water Filter System

What about the Cost and Installation for my ScaleBlaster Home Water Filter System?

There are several ScaleBlaster models available for your home water filter system.  Each model is specifically designed for the size of your home and the hardness of water in your community. The most commonly used model for homes in Orange County is the SB-Max and SB-75.  The SB-75 will successfully treat homes up to 4,000 square feet.  The SB-Max treats homes up to 5,000 square feet.  The SB-75 retails for around $180 and the SM-Max retails for about $400.  The SB-Max is a more robust system that treats up to 40 grains per gallon or 684 ppm.  It also has a 10 year warranty compared to the 3 year warranty for the SB-75.  In my experence, the SB-Max is a better system for Orange County, California.

Installation can take as little as a few hours to a day.  It all depends on two factors: (1) accessibility of where the water enters your home (2) location of a 120-volt electrical plug.  Even if it takes a day to install, the savings start the moment it’s activated – and the savings add up fast!  ScaleBlaster not only stops limescale, but it removes any that is currently in your pipes and water using appliances (dishwasher, washer, water heater, refrigerator, faucets, etc.).

I’ve installed many, many of these.  I have one on my house – and it works beautifully!  My clients love how the ScaleBlaster home water filter system saves money, inconvenience, and aggravation!  Water using appliances will last longer, perform better, require less maintenance and repairs, and hot water pressure remains constant.  Clients also love the feeling and smoothness of their skin and how much whiter their laundry is.

What Makes the ScaleBlaster Home Water Filter System Better?

Prior to the ScaleBlaster, homeowners had two basic options to control hard water issues: continuously using hazardous chemicals or investing in a water softener.  A ScaleBlaster can eliminate these costly nuisances.  Appliances and fixtures that come in contact with hard water will operate much more efficiently and will have a prolonged life expectancy with ScaleBlaster installed.

When DAD’s remodels a bathroom, kitchen, home re-pipe, or performs a full interior remodel, many times we install a new tankless hot water heater.  Years ago, I noticed that after 12-18 months, they were operating far less efficiently than they should.  In addition, newly installed faucets, shower and bathtub fixtures, dishwashers, washers, and refrigerator ice/water systems were breaking down, experiencing significant buildup of hardwater deposits and scale.  This was also visible on the outside surfaces.  Clearly, something had changed with the water.

ScaleBlaster was the answer!

I spent months researching, studying, getting samples of products, testing, etc.  I came across a product called ScaleBlaster.  After a series of vigorous discussions with the company and testing, I was sold.  I can personally attest that the product works as advertised!  I installed ScaleBlaster on my house 5 years ago.  It still works like the day I first installed it!  The product is truly amazing!

The various water companies in Orange County claim, although they changed how they treat the water, their new processes do not affect the buildup of hardwater deposits or damage copper pipe.  I beg to differ.  There is a significant rise in copper pipe leaks (slab leaks, pin hole leaks in the walls, etc.) and limescale deposits.  These were quickly damaging water heaters, dishwashers, shower and bathtub valves, and leaving crusty deposits on the outside of faucets and water dispensing devices.  Limescale deposits are the cause of poor water pressure, formation of soap scum, increased water heating expenses and a lack of hot water. Lime scale deposits on showerheads, sinks and faucets will not easily wipe off or disappear.ScaleBlaster Home Water Filter System

Summary of the ScaleBlaster Home Water Filter System

The ScaleBlaster Electronic Water Conditioner is an innovative, computerized water conditioning system.  It  solves hard water problems without the need for chemicals, maintenance or salt; making it a healthy option for those on salt-restricted diets. This water conditioner (ScaleBlaster) removes and prevents lime scale deposits in household pipes.  ScaleBlaster protects and prolongs the life of water heaters, dishwashers and washing machines. ScaleBlaster produces a scientifically developed electronic signal that hits the resonant frequency of the calcium molecules.  This causes them to lose their adhesive properties. Therefore, it protects water-based appliances while making them more efficient.

Soap will lather up more leaving your skin feeling smoother and your hair more manageable. ScaleBlaster is preventive maintenance in a box. This water conditioner requires no maintenance and is simple to install with no plumbing required.


  • Solves hard water problems with no salt, chemicals or maintenance
  • Removes & prevents lime scale deposits in pipes, sinks & faucets
  • Better for your home and body and our environment
  • 3-year warranty on the SB-75 and a 10-year warranty on the SB-Max
  • UL and CUL listed
  • Works on copper, PVC, CPVC and PEX pipe

For more information on the ScaleBlaster SB-75, please see the ScaleBlaster Brochure.

Water Softeners vs. ScaleBlaster

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