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bathtub and shower remodel

How Much to Replace a Shower?

How Much to Replace a Shower? When considering how much to replace a shower, the most important factor is the shower type or configuration.  Configuration has 2 parts:  The existing shower and the new shower.  Replacing an existing fiberglass panel shower with a new tile surround shower costs more than replacing with another fiberglass panel […]

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Tile Grout

Tile Grout Tile grout.  How exciting – right?  When completing a kitchen, bathroom, or interior remodeling project, I have never had a client express an interest in grout.  With the exception of color, grout is grout – right?  Grout is not grout.  In fact, grout is a critical material in the proper installation and durability […]

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Tile surround shower with glass door and glass panels

Shower and Bathtub Glass

Shower and Bathtub Glass When performing a bathroom remodel, there is one area in particular where a client’s personal and family safety can be overlooked.  This can have serious consequences.  This area is the shower and bathtub glass enclosure. It may come as a surprise that there are many unscrupulous contractors and “remodelers” in Orange […]

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