Things to Consider when Painting Interiors

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Things to Consider when Painting Interiors

Things to Consider when Painting InteriorsWhat are the things to consider when painting interiors?  When painting interior walls, there are very important considerations to address before paint goes on the walls and ceilings.  The decisions made will determine the life of your paint job, how it will look, and how well your home is protected from future damage.  Sadly, painting has become a commodity.  It’s about the lowest price instead of the best job using the best products at a reasonable price.  Painting is not primarily about color.  Foremost, paint is designed to protect.  Color is secondary.  A high-quality paint job will help protect your house from damaging moisture, insects, sun, and repeated use – both inside and outside.

A high-quality paint job will save you money, typically lots of money.  How?  You will paint less often, your walls will cleanup better (again, paint less often), and environmental repairs are reduced and typically less damaging.  When properly prepared and maintained, a high-quality paint job should last 15 to 20 years.

Paint Colors

  • Things to Consider when Painting InteriorsLight colors make a room seem larger, while dark colors are better for accenting recessed areas and highlighting details.
  • Use items in a room to give hints when choosing color. Pick a piece of furniture, art or a pillow for inspiration. Select the dominant color and see what other colors work well with it.
  • Connecting rooms should share color elements. For example, use the same color on molding in adjoining rooms to unify an open space.
  • Things to Consider when Painting InteriorsUse light and dark colors to create interest. Attractive architectural features, such as molding, and columns can be emphasized by painting them a darker or light color.

Flooring, Light, and Color Variation When Painting

  • Consider the type of flooring in your home. The color of the carpet or hardwood flooring plays an important role in the feel of a room and can affect how a color appears.
  • Because white naturally reflects light, it is a popular choice for ceilings. To add a feeling of intimacy and give your room a more refined look, try painting the ceiling a shade or two lighter than the walls.
  • For a more natural look when choosing color for a room, look for inspiration in nature.
  • Seasonal color variations are another way to select colors. Fall colors, such as mustard yellows, russets and browns, create a calm and subdued space for resting. Spring colors, such as pink, lilac and yellow, create an uplifting, fresh look.
  • Best Local Contractor DAD's ConstructionIf you’re nervous about making a large commitment to one color for an entire room, paint just one wall a strong color to add contrast and serve as a focal point.
  • Draw inspiration from a great piece of art. Use colors from the painting for paint, fabric and accessories in the room.

Bathroom Painting

  • Things to Consider when Painting InteriorsIn bathrooms, white and light earth tones provide a clean, sterile look. Peach tones are great for the complexion.
  • Bathroom paint requires a hard-working and durable paint that offers moisture, steam, mildew, and chemical (aerosol products such as hairsprays, deodorants, perfumes, etc.) resistance as well as washability. Look for these sturdy paints in higher sheen finishes.
  • Generally, stop the paint color at any sort of natural break in the architecture, such as an archway, angle or corner. It’s difficult to stop the paint color on a continuous wall surface.

Kitchen Painting

  • In kitchens, add some life to worn or dated cabinets by applying a complementary paint color to update the existing appearance.
  • Kitchen paint requires a hard-working paint that offers stain and grease resistance as well as washability. Look for these durable paints in higher sheen finishes.

Painting Home Offices and Nurseries

  • Best Local Contractor DAD's ConstructionIn home offices, using splashes of bright colors such as oranges or yellows offer a stimulating environment.
  • In nurseries, the traditional choice for paint colors is often a pastel palette. More modern looks for nurseries offer color and décor in primary colors.
  • Nurseries are hardworking areas that require washable paints. Use eggshell sheen or higher gloss finishes; helping keep the area looking clean and new.

When painting, everything matters

A high quality and durable paint job builds on each of the many processes.  Skip one or use the wrong materials or methods Things to Consider when Painting Interiors Dunn Edwards Paintsand the final result will be less than stellar.  The quality of the paint, painters, brushes, rollers, sprayers, and tools matter greatly.  The preparation work and materials are especially important.  These make the difference between a so-so job and one of lasting beauty, quality, and durability that you can be proud of.   See What Is the Best Paint and How Do I Choose the Best Painter and Best Interior Paint Colors for more information.  Temperature is very importan.

I only use and highly recommend ultra-premium Dunn-Edwards for paint, sundries, and preparation materials.

In summary, there are many things to consider when painting interiors.  Keep this article close as you begin your painting journey.

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