Understanding Color in Your Home

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Understanding Color in Your Home

In the article The Power of Color in Your Home, we discussed how color can significantly affect our emotions, energy, and focus. Understanding Color in Your Home explores which shades best fit the form and function of individual rooms. Of course, there is no perfect formula, as variations in lighting, shade, and tone can communicate vastly different messages.

Let’s say you want colors that, for the most part, foster positive feelings — yet if a color’s tone is slightly off or it’s used in the wrong space, the result may be disastrous!  Let’s take a look at the different areas of the home and see how understanding color in your home works.

Come on in!

The entryway. It’s where family, friends, and others are greeted and welcomed into a home. It’s also where visitors form their first impression — so make sure it’s a good one! Whether it’s a foyer, hallway, or stairway, the entry should be an authentic and approachable space for all who enter. Therefore, consider warm hues such as inviting Pueblo Rose (DET438) and down-to-earth Cashmere (DEC758). If a cooler tone is preferred, try gracious, grounding Blue Print (DET575). All are ideal for both entryways and living rooms, as they’re friendly hues that encourage people to gather, chat, and connect.

Understanding Color in Your HomeUnderstanding Color in Your HomeUnderstanding Color in Your Home

Bon Appetit!

For those who love to make a statement, the kitchen is the perfect place to turn up the heat! Try robust hues — such as bold Strawberry Jam (DE5076); vivid yellows; and warm oranges like Marigold (DE5291).  These can turn even the most yawn-worthy kitchen into the bright, beating heart of the home! Radiant Sunrise (DE5397) brings the cheer, while reds and oranges fire up the appetite.

Understanding Color in Your HomeUnderstanding Color in Your HomeUnderstanding Color in Your Home

Gather ’Round the Table

Overall, dining rooms permit plenty of leeway’s when it comes to color as mentioned above, success (or failure) rests in the subtleties — lighting, tonality, gloss, etc. (Here’s where paint samples can be your best friend). The easiest and most effective route is to ask yourself how you want the room to feel. Formal? A dramatic crimson like Royal Red Flush (DET425) is always unforgettable. Chic, yet cheeky and engaging? Perhaps a refreshing mid-tone lime such as Spring Garden (DE5671). Cheerful and familial? Try appealing and subtle Solar Wind (DEC733).

Understanding Color in Your HomeUnderstanding Color in Your HomeUnderstanding Color in Your Home

Escape it All

In today’s hectic, over-stimulated world, it often feels like there’s no relief — yet we all need and deserve a break. To the rescue is the bedroom, the most personal space in a house. When paired with an appropriate shade, it can evolve into a blissful sanctuary of relaxation and reconnection. Consider soothing, cool mid-tones such as tranquil Mediterranean Sea (DE5830), nurturing Flower Stem (DE5605), or absolutely dreamy Purple Premiere (DE5969).   All evoke feelings of calm, balance, and restoration. Go ahead. Hang that “Do Not Disturb” sign!

Understanding Color in Your HomeUnderstanding Color in Your HomeUnderstanding Color in Your Home

Bring the Spa to You

Gone are days when bathrooms were just a place to… uh… take care of business and wash up. Today, they are tranquil, resort-like havens in which to unwind and relax. While clean whites have long been the popular choice, homeowners are increasingly opting for refreshing, balancing hues that rejuvenate the soul. Propose greens and blues like Sprig of Mint (DE5675) and Fly a Kite (DE5890), as well as warm neutral Whirlwind (DE6030). Tip: Because most start their day in the bathroom, find a color that flatters (i.e., If you don’t wear color, don’t put it on the walls!).

Understanding Color in Your HomeUnderstanding Color in Your HomeUnderstanding Color in Your Home

No Sweat!

The challenges of 2020 made it difficult to maintain a consistent fitness schedule. In response, many are creating their own workout rooms/areas. While bright, energizing reds and oranges like Tangerine Orange (DE5160) are motivating, others may feel they are too “hot”.  So, consider a yellow-green or balancing blue-green Pacific Palisade (DE5787). If you prefer yoga over cross-fit, harmonious mid-tones — including stabilizing greens; soothing blues; and soft, yet strong, pinks such as Pretty in Pink (DE5023) — may be more fitting.

Understanding Color in Your Home

Work it!

A year ago, who would have thought, “I’m working at home” would be crucial in keeping the business world running? While telecommuting has afforded us more family (or Netflix) time, eight months working at the kitchen counter won’t cut it anymore. The solution? A home office or Garage Home Office that fosters focus and productivity — but be aware that color choice can quickly boost or break one’s motivation and focus. Explore the deeper side of the color range — hues like concentration-enhancing Emperor Jade (DE5734), mind-calming Blue Earth (DE5853), and creativity-inspiring Vibrant Orchid (DE6000).

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