The Power of Color in Your Home

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The Power of Color in Your Home

Color. It surrounds us constantly, yet how often do we notice how it makes us feel? Color psychology says that every hue impacts us emotionally and, sometimes, even physically. Our experiences partially explain why we are drawn to some shades and repelled by others.  However, on a larger scale, colors communicate meanings that resonate across the globe. The power of color in your home has a strong connection to how you feel about where you live.


Of all the colors in the visible spectrum, red is the fiercest, as well as the most complicated. It’s known for boosting confidence, energy, and power.  Red puts the appetite into overdrive (fun fact: red is the most-used color in restaurants!); inspiring spirited conversation and igniting passion and romance! While all that fiery energy may overwhelm spaces meant for leisure, keep in mind that there’s a deeper, warmer side of red — like Merlot (DE5055), which fosters a sophisticated, yet welcoming, mood.


This fun, uplifting color lights up a room like a ray of sunshine.  Yellow evokes feelings of joy, happiness, and optimism, as well as improves thinking and metabolism. Bold yellows are a dynamic choice for rooms in which people gather, while lighter, playful shades such as Spring Buttercup (DET5310) can visually expand and vitalize smaller spaces.


Taking things down a notch is calming, relaxing blue. Blue nurtures a trusting, secure and stable mindset.  Blue lowers blood pressure, respiration, and heart rate, as well as enhancing concentration. Its balancing effects are especially beneficial in quiet, restful rooms. When it comes to socializing spots, choosing warmer, softer blues will avoid the “coldness” of lighter blues. Deeper blues, on the other hand, may cause a sense of melancholy. If you prefer something in the middle, consider Blue Chip (DE5867)!

The Power of Color in your home

The Power of Color in your home

The Power of Color in your home


Blending the tranquility of blue and the exuberance of yellow, green is a universal go-to color that works just about anywhere. Its natural, restorative effects can cool small areas, encourage comfort and conversation, and create peace and harmony in bedrooms or bathrooms. In addition, yellow-greens or blue-greens — Navajo Turquoise (DET 547), for example — energize exercise rooms and outdoor areas, as well as bolster concentration and focus in home offices.


In its deeper variations (such as aubergine), purple awakens our mysterious, dramatic, and sophisticated sides.  Purple empowers us to embrace our intuition, wisdom, and creativity. Mid- to light purples, including lavender and amethyst, radiate peaceful qualities akin to blue… without the risk of feeling chilly. Even better? Hues like Plum Passion (DE5006) are rumored to inspire a tender (and romantic) environment in the bedroom!


Orange: Lively. Enthusiastic. Fun. Think of orange as “Dug” from the movie “Up.” It’s the color of happiness and optimism, inspiring thoughts of joy and playfulness. While intense oranges may be over the top for rooms meant for rest and relaxation, fun-loving citrus-like Orange Daylily (DE5145)— is just the ticket for entertainment and get-togethers, as it fuels lively, friendly interaction.


Emanating thoughts of warmth, serenity, and comfort, pink is strongly connected to feminine-leaning qualities such as sensitivity and softness. But don’t put pink into a corner! It may be Barbie’s signature color but — from blush to brilliant fuchsia — this versatile shade radiates vibrant, refreshing, and creative vibes. Consider cheeky hues such as Pink Glamour (DE5103), which is absolutely fabulous in a range of spaces, infusing bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms with beauty, brains, and an extra helping of self-confident sass. Take that, Ken!

The Power of Color in your home

Paint Color in Your Home

Paint Color in Your Home

Neutrals (Brown, Gray, White, and Black)

While all-out-neutral palettes trend up and down, their greatest attribute is their adaptability.  Neutrals allow you to add daring accent colors to stir up an energy or take it down a notch with a softer hue. Neutrals can add boldness to the power of color in your home.


Dark browns — including dark mocha, pecan, and chocolate — are as cozy, genuine, and grounding (and delicious!) as their namesakes. Like the Earth itself, deep hues such as Folklore (DET413) emanate warmth, bestowing a sense of consistency, stillness, and resilience. In its lighter variations — such as beige, taupe, tan — brown is ideal for greeting and transitional spaces such as foyers and hallways.


When it comes to gray’s emotional impact, simply ask yourself: “How do I want to feel?” Peaceful? Focused? Reserved? Welcoming? Gray can do it all. A true-color chameleon, gray blends beautifully with just about any color — it all depends on the gray’s temperature. Consider mentioning that warm grays blended with other approachable hues (such as pink and burgundy) create an inviting, lively ambiance.  Cool tones (such as pale green and light turquoise) are ideal for creating their own private nirvana. If you want a dramatic yet classic look, consider  Dolphin Tales (DET600).


When considering the power of color in your home, white typically conveys positive emotions — safety, purity, freshness, and cleanliness. It’s the color of perfection and new beginnings. It pairs with just about everything — especially blues, reds, and blacks. And, depending on the white’s undertone and interior lighting, it can make other colors pop. If you are drawn to pinks, purples, and greens, Cotton Ball (DEW387) will blend beautifully with these colors.


Of course, we can’t forget black, the most powerful color you can use. Some love it. Some are suspicious of it. Either way, moderation is the key: If you have a “Matrix”-inspired vision, the result may look more like Voldemort’s lair. Utilized as an accent, black can produce an elegant and sophisticated feel, as well as have a grounding effect. Perhaps black with just a hint of color such Dunn Edwards Paint - DAD's Constructionas Nightfall (DE5804), which boasts just the right amount of green-blue.

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