Amazing Guest Bathroom Remodel Lake Forest

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Amazing Guest Bathroom Remodel Lake Forest

Dear Dan,

After the truly professional and amazing remodel on our master bathroom you performed, we knew you were the only one to remodel our guest bathroom. It turned out beautiful . . . but then, we knew it would!  My amazing guest bathroom remodel in Lake Forest is the envy of the neighborhood!

It’s been 3 years since you remodeled our kid’s bathroom upstairs. I do not know if you remember me, but I am the one with the four high speed kids!

Amazing Guest Bathroom Remodel Lake ForestAmazing Guest Bathroom Remodel Lake Forest
Amazing Guest Bathroom Remodel Lake ForestAmazing Guest Bathroom Remodel Lake Forest


This bathroom is used by 4 kids. It gets a workout – four to 7 baths/showers each day (2,555 yearly), toilet flushed at least 16 times each day (5,840 yearly), drawers and doors opened and closed another 16 to 20 times each day (5,840-7,300 yearly), and the sinks used at least 20 times a day (7,300 yearly).  Like all kids, they are hard on everything. Baths can seem like swimming lessons and brushing teeth a water sport! We needed a super strong and durable bathroom. We knew just from looking at the construction of Home Depot cabinets, cheap foreign made tubs and faucets at all the big box stores and “specialty retailers”, and the tile work performed by others was never going to last.

From an article on your web site blog you wrote “Don’t just renovate on the cheap. Smart investments save big bucks down the road.”  So true.  After 3 years of heavy use, everything still looks, operates, and performs like new. My kids are no match for the solid wood cabinets you made and the durable finish along with the heavy-duty hinges – still going strong! All the fixtures still work great (no leaks and still polish beautifully). The paint you used must be made of steel – Go Dunn Edwards!

The tile floor, tile surround tub/shower, and the tile backsplashes and baseboards you came up with are super! Perhaps most impressive is with all the jumping and splashing in the tub, the tile where it meets the tub is still perfect – no cracks, separations, or need to slobber on a bunch of caulk that just gets all moldy and ugly.

DAD’s Construction Methods are Incredible!

Dan, your construction methods are incredible – it’s like you have some sort of Zen relationship with building – you really know your stuff! You should write a book and teach what you know – you have a gift. Honesty, I have some friends who went with other companies for a cheaper price – now they tell me how short signed and stupid they were. Their bathrooms (even with no kids) already show wear – some significantly. They look at my bathroom and just shake their heads. They know they wasted their money going cheep and falling for sales gimmicks.

Thank you again for all your amazing and super quality work. You and your team are pleasant, professional, and friendly. Everyone is completely trustworthy, and I always felt safe having you and your team in my house. You always focused on my family’s safety and made sure everything was perfect.

Thank you – When it’s time for the kitchen, you will be the only person I will call.

   – Lori, Amazing Guest Bathroom Remodel Lake Forest


How Can I Receive More Information?

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