Bathroom Remodeling in 2021

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Bathroom Remodeling in 2021

Clients in Orange County are paying a lot of attention to bathroom remodeling in 2021.  With high numbers of Orange County homeowners working and schooling from home, bathrooms are getting much needed makeovers.  Bathroom remodeling activity is up significantly over 2020.

Why is Bathroom Remodeling in 2021 Increasing?

Homeowners are stressed.  Working, schooling, and generally spending more time at home can be frustrating.  There is no place to truly “get away from it all”.  There is, however, one place where privacy can be found at home – the bathroom.

Although the master bathroom is the number one place for mom to find some peace and alone time, she is also realizing that the children’s bathroom is a strong number two.  What?  With several children sharing one sink, little cabinet and storage space, a cramped tub/shower, and no place to hang towels, the arguments can be brutal and loud!  With the entire family living, working, and entertaining in the same close quarters of a home, the constant screaming and fighting between siblings to use one sink every morning gets to be too much.  Starting each day with combativeness is never pleasant.

For Bathroom Remodeling in 2021, What are Clients Looking For?

Bathroom Remodeling in 2021Clients want their new master bathrooms to be a romantic and emotional refuge.  This unique space in the home serves as a dual get-away.  Firstly, mom must have her own, personal space to simply close her eyes, breath deep, and simply enjoy peaceful tranquility and personal pampering.  Secondly, the master bathroom must be a warm, comfortable, inviting space where romance can blossom and reconnect that special bond between two emotionally drained people.

Bathroom Remodeling in 2021Clients have a vision for their master bathroom.  They want a spa like sanctuary where they can escape, relax, and unwind for a while.  Steam Showers with aromatheraphy, chromatherapy, and music are increasingly popular.  More natural lighting, Washlet’s (toilet bidet attachments), and comfortable low maintenance toilets are in high demand.  Multiple shower fixture options, especially hand shower/rainfall shower head combinations are very popular.  Walk-in (curb-less) and low curb showers are a must!  More spacious showers with bench seating, large shampoo recesses, and overhead LED lighting is in high demand.

Linear drains are now desired more often than the typical round drain in showers.  With a linear drain, worrying about stepping on the drain and hurting your feet is no longer an issue.

In smaller bathrooms, the decades long trend of removing the small 60-inch bathtub and replacing with a larger shower continues.  At a minimum, homeowners want large 2-person showers that are comfortable, create relaxing vibes, and melt away stress.  Not just emotional stress, but muscle fatigue.

What About Bathtubs?

Bathroom Remodeling in 2021In master bathrooms where there is space for a large shower and large soaking tub, the soaking tub is a must have.  This is especially true for stand-alone or claw foot bathtubs.

In fact, bathroom remodeling in 2021 is seeing a lot of interest in stand-alone tubs.  What is the best kind of bathtub to get?  Much of this depends on your space.  A Design/Build Contractor like DAD’s Construction can help you with this decision.

Stand-alone tubs with a large window overlooking the mountains, ocean, city lights, or a beautiful backyard are in high demand.

For Bathroom Remodeling in 2021, Storage Is Really Important.

Bathroom Remodeling in 2021Bathroom Remodeling in 2021Every client wants and needs more storage space.  Cabinets with full extension pullout shelving and makeup pullouts (similar to a kitchen spice rack) are in high demand.

Bathroom Remodeling in 2021Drawers with built in electrical outlets and USB ports for storage and quick iPad and cell phone charging are in great demand.

To enjoy better use of the full cabinet, U-shaped drawers are replacing stationary panels in front of the sink.  This adds additional personal use and hygiene storage where historically the space was wasted.

Bathroom Remodeling in 2021Another important trend is using the wall cavity space between the 2×4’s.  This unseen storage space is everywhere!  These wall cavities are perfect for mirrored and wood paneled shelf storage.

Using the space above the sink for storage is becoming increasingly popular.  Typically, a stationary mirror goes above the sink.  However, bathroom remodeling in 2021 is using this space for mirrored storage.  The outside mirror is perfect for shaving, touching up makeup, and hair styling.  The inside door mirror is perfect for applying makeup and closeup personal hygiene.  The mirror in the back of the cabinet brings warmth and depth to the bathroom.  The glass shelfs add beautiful elegance and light all around.  Many clients are installing these cabinets with the added feature of inside and outside LED lighting.  Inside electrical outlets with USB charging ports are becoming common requests.

What about Bathroom Safety?

Thermostatic Shower ValveWith different generations living in the same home, safety is a big factor in today’s bathroom remodels.   Thermostatic shower valves are a great choice for homes with young children and seniors.

The valve is set to a specific temperature.  This greatly reduces the chance of scalding from water that is too hot.

Bathroom TileAnother overlooked safety factor is the bathroom floor.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone into a client’s bathroom and the existing floor is polished tile, marble, or travertine.  Rugs are everywhere so they don’t slip and fall and seriously hurt themselves.  These rugs harbor all kinds of harmful germs, bacteria, mold, and mildew.  Older generations trip and fall on these rugs and children use them for practice ski boards!  Bathroom doors don’t close because the rugs stop them from doing so.

Installing non-slip tile floors are a must.  Most clients are completely unaware until after the bathroom floor is installed that they have unknowingly installed a serious slip and fall safety hazard. 

Anything else about Bathroom Remodeling in 2021 I should know?

Bathroom Remodeling in 2021Bathroom Remodeling in 2021Many homes are now multigenerational.  Bathroom space is increasingly changing to accommodate more than one generation.

Increased storage space for everyone’s personal hygiene products, comfort height toilets, hand bars, scald-proof faucets, and non-slip floors benefit everyone.

Some clients are wisely using hand bars as both a towel rack and a grab bar.  Grab bars have become very stylish and blend nicely with the other bathroom fixtures.  The benefit in doing this is that if someone needs mobility assistance, there is no worry of grabbing a traditional towel bar, causing injury.

New for 2021 are clients desire for more sound proofing in the bathroom.  This adds privacy to any bathroom.  This makes perfect sense considering clients are using bathrooms for spa like retreats and romance.  Moreover, older generations enjoy the privacy when using the toilet facilities.

Always Hire a Reliable and Dependable Contractor to Remodel your Bathroom

Design Build Bathroom Remodel | Best Local Contractor DAD's ConstructionAlways work with a trustworthy contractor like DAD’s Construction.  We are experts in bathroom remodeling who can manage projects in an efficient manner.  DAD’s Construction will do everything to minimize the possibility of change orders.  Our team will make sure we have all the necessary information to prepare a proposal that meets your requirements.  Rest assured that we will provide you with a detailed, by line-item contract.  We will make sure that the contents of this agreement are properly and clearly communicated to you.  If you have questions or need updates regarding your project, we will always answer your inquiries.

How Can I Receive More Information on Remodeling my Bathroom?

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