Cultured Marble Shower Liner

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Cultured Marble Shower Liner

A cultured marble shower liner refers to the shower walls and receptor (pan).  Cultured marble is about 70 percent marble dust and 30 percent polyester resin.  This makes cultured marble shower liners almost a natural product.  Cultured marble is nonporous, and it does not require sealing.  It is low maintenance and very durable.  The solid-surface of cultured marble resists stains and chips.  It is easily repaired if scratched using a gel compound.

What is the Benefit of a Cultured Marble Shower Liner?

Cultured marble shower linerFirstly, a cultured marble shower liner has no grout.  The panels are seamless except where they join in the corners and the shower receptor (pan).  This is, perhaps, the biggest benefit.  Second, it is available in an almost endless rainbow of colors, styles, and configurations.  Lastly, it is very durable with an average life expectancy of 20 years.

Cultured marble is much less expenssive than real marble.  It is also easier to care for.  It does require regular cleaning to maintain its appearance.

Where Can I Purchase a Cultured Marble Shower Liner?

Cultured marble is something of a local product.  For best results, it’s not something that is purchased from a national manufacturer or retailer.  Although stores such as Home Depot, Lowes, etc. offer cultured marble shower liners, it is best sourced from a small local manufactuer.  Why?  Your hometown cultured marble manufacturer has their own facility and employees.  They do a better job of measuring, making, and installing the panels than retailers.

Local manufacturers can also accomadate almost any special request you have.  They can also customize your cultured marble shower liner.  Choose a company that has been in business at least 20 years.  For more information on a particular business, contact the Cast Polymer Association at (800) 414-4272.

What Problems Can Occur With a Cultured Marble Shower Liner?

Cultured marble shower linerSeams – A cultured marble shower liner consists of at least 4 separate pieces.  These consist of 3 walls and 1 receptor (shower pan).  Adding a soap or shampoo recess and you’re adding more seams.  When assembled in your bathroom, clear silicone caulk is typically used to “bind” the separate panels together.  The walls behind these panels are typically green board drywall or plywood.  Both readily absorb water and moister.  If you have a seam, the seam can open and allow water to enter your homes walls, floors, and ceilings.  I have personally removed cultured marble showers only to discover massive amounts of expensive water and insect damage.

Scratching – Cultured marble showers use a resin gel coat to give the product its smooth hard coat finish. When using abrasive cleaning products, the gel coat will scratch.

Staining – Hard water stains cultured marble shower liners.  If you are not careful and diligent about cleaning your cultured marble, hard water stains will develop.

Discoloring – Cultured marble will discolor over time when certain types of gel coats are used.  These gel coat resins are usually found in lower end cultured marble products.

What is better – A Cultured Marble Shower Liner or Tile Shower Walls?

Tiled Curbless ShowerMany people are interested in a cultured marble shower liner because of the grout in a tiled shower.  The complaint is the difficulty in keeping tile grout clean.  A tiled shower is superior to a cultured marble shower.  Why?  A correctly installed shower is stronger, more durable, and superior at keeping moister from entering your walls.

Unlike a cultured marble shower liner, a traditionaly tiled shower has no seams.  The seams in a cultured marble shower are the biggest drawback.  These seams can leak and allow water to enter your walls and floors.  Mold, mildew, rot, and insect damage will soon follow.

Another problem with a cultured marble shower liner is that it is very slippery when wet or soapy.  This is especially true for people with mobility issues and older generations.  Leaning on the walls to steady oneself or simply placing your hand on the wall for support can have dangerious consequences.  The grout in a tiled shower provides gentle abrassive support.  In similar fashion, a matt (nonglossy) or honed tile provides even greater fall protection.

What Causes Tile Grout to Get Dirty and Moldy?

First, the most important part of any tiled shower is everything behind the tile.  Second, is ventilation.  You must have a properly sized and working exhaust fan on a humidstat.  Third, the type of tile grout used is super important.  Get any of these three items wrong and you can count on dirty and moldy grout.

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