Small Bathroom Remodel

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Small Bathroom Remodel

A small bathroom remodel can be challenging.  There are some space saving tricks that can turn your small bathroom remodel into a very functional and beautiful room.

What is a Small Bathroom Remodel?

Small Bathroom RemodelVirtually all homes in Orange County have at least one small bathroom.  Long and narrow bathrooms are very common.  A small bathroom is defined as being between 35 square feet (7 feet by 5 feet) and 45 square feet (9 feet by 5 feet).

A small bathroom space typically has one of the following: bathtub, shower, or tub/shower combination.  This space also has a small toilet and vanity.  It has has a hinged entry door.  It may or may not have a window.

These bathrooms have little room to manuver and performing simple bathroom tasks can be difficult.  Unless the bathroom is expanded and made bigger, the propotions will not change.

Using a few tricks to visually expand the narrow layout will ensure a successful small bathroom remodel.  Your bathroom will be very functional and beautiful.

With a Small Bathroom Remodel, How Can You Get the Look of an Open Space?

Small Bathroom RemodelFirstly, hire a local design/build contractor with at least 25 years of experience working in your community.  Someone like DAD’s Construction.  DAD’s Construction has been performing bathroom remodeling in Orange County for over 30 years.  They know your bathroom!  Second, be open to the suggestions your design/build contractor presents.

Experienced design/build remodeling contractors are pros who know how to make your small bathroom remodel a success.  Trust their vision as they develop 3-dimensional color drawings that bring your new bathroom to life.  Using the right colors, tile, and other features can create a light and airy space.  The trick is to allow the eye to travel the length of the room uninterrupted.

Depth, Space Saving, and Balance are Key to a Successful Small Bathroom Remodel

Small Bathroom Remodel - Curbless ShowerA curbless or low threshold shower that has the same style and light color of tile as the outside floor eliminates a color change border between the shower and floor.  A color change border between the shower and outside floor creates a “wall”, giving the illusion of a smaller bathroom.  Don’t worry if the shower floor tile needs to be smaller (for proper drainage) than the tile outside of the shower.  Continuing the same color tricks the eye into seeing a bigger and seamless space.

Using a darker color tile on one of the shower walls can also give the bathroom a larger look.  Otherwise, the tile should be light in color.  A large shampoo recess on the back shower, bathtub, or tub/shower combination wall with a coordinating tile in the inset creates a stunning look and makes your small bathroom feel more spacious. A niche in the bathtub or a shower niche will give your small bathroom remodel depth.

If your bathroom has a lowered ceiling or a light box over the vanity, remove these to raise the ceiling.  The extra 7 to 10-inches of ceiling height makes a significant difference in the look and feel of your small bathroom.

Painted vanities using darker blues, soft gray walls, and lighter quartz countertops will also give your small bathroom a bigger look.  Regarding paint, keep the walls light.

Keep the vanity simple.  Flat panel or shaker look drawers and doors with pulls help keep the bathroom looking spacious.  An open vanity base helps keep things light and roomy.  However, open vanity bases do not allow for storage.

Proper Natural Light and Reflection will Preserve a Bigger Look

Small Bathroom RemodelTile Surround tub/shower, tile floor, stained cabinetsLarge, even oversized mirrors will give your bathroom a much larger look and feel.  Multiple mirrors on opposite walls have the opposite effect, making a small bathroom feel confined and cluttered.

A clear glass enclosure for the bathtub or shower is a must.  Using an obscured, frosted, or curtain and rod for the enclosure will immediately make your bathroom look measurably smaller and confined.  If your small bathroom remodel calls for a shower only, install a door with glass side panels, not a sliding glass enclosure.  The door will help keep things open and unobstructed to the eye.  Use only frameless Small Bathroom Remodeliron free glass enclosure systems.

Larger clear glass windows allow beautiful, natural light to fill the bathroom with spacious airiness.  If clear glass is not an option for privacy, consider changing the window to a double hung window with obscured glass on the bottom and clear glass on the top.  Another option is to keep the clear glass and install a split custom plantation white shutter.

If a window is not an option, a 10-inch tubular skylight is ideal for brining in natural light.  A dark small bathroom will never be able to achieve a more spacious look.

Artificial Light in Your Small Bathroom

A two or three shade wall sconce over the vanity using daylight luminating LED lights will provide a sense of calmness and serenity.  Installing a 4-inch LED light over the shower creates a stunning effect.  For even greater ambiance, go the extra and install an LED light inside a tubular skylight.

For more information on bathroom lighting, read and enjoy the article “best type of lighting for a bathroom.”

Always Hire a Reliable and Dependable Contractor to Remodel your Bathroom

Design Build Bathroom Remodel | Best Local Contractor DAD's ConstructionAlways work with a trustworthy contractor like DAD’s Construction.  We are experts in bathroom remodeling who can manage projects in an efficient manner.  DAD’s Construction will do everything to minimize the possibility of change orders.  Our team will make sure we have all the necessary information to prepare a proposal that meets your requirements.  Rest assured that we will provide you with a detailed, by line-item contract.  We will make sure that the contents of this agreement are properly and clearly communicated to you.  If you have questions or need updates regarding your project, we will always answer your inquiries.

How Can I Receive More Information on Remodeling my Bathroom?

If you would like more information on enjoying the best bathroom, kitchen, and interior remodeling experience in Orange County, call Dan at (949) 380-0177 or at for a free in home consultation.  DAD’s serves all of South Orange County California.  This includes Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Foothill Ranch, Portola Hills, Ladera Ranch, Irvine, San Clemente, Dana Point, San Juan Capistrano, Rancho Santa Margarita, Coto de Caza, Dove Canyon, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Hills, Newport Beach, and Aliso Viejo.

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