Kitchen Pendant Lighting

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Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Kitchen pendant lighting is often described as kitchen jewelry.  Task lighting such as recess lights are vital when illuminating the kitchen workspace.  Accent lighting adds a dramatic impact when used in under and over cabinet lighting.  Dimmers provide tone setting for ambient lighting.  Kitchen pendant lighting, however; provides task lighting while adding spectacular tone and ambiance to overall design.

Kitchen Pendant Lighting Has Lots of Options

Pendants come in all types of styles, finishes, and colors.  Kitchen pendant lighting adds a contemporary edge.  This edge takes modern kitchens to the next level.  Pendants can also deliver that industrial vibe to enhance the overall aesthetic.  Kitchen pendant lighting is available in single or multiple bulbs.  They can be round or elongated, elegant or rustic.  Whatever your preference, pendant lights demand attention in today’s kitchens.

Some of Today’s Trends in Kitchen Pendant Lighting

LED lighting is a must in kitchens today.  LEDs deliver long-lasting life, convenience, and cool or warm tones in the kitchen space.

Kitchen Pendant LightingGlass pendants remain popular.  Why is this?  Because when using colorful combinations and interesting shapes and techniques, glass pendants deliver that “WOW” factor.  Crackling and seeding glass are very popular.  These designs add stunning character to any kitchen with a more modern flare.  Traditional white, solid color, and fluted design kitchen pendant lights are very popular in craftsman, country, and more traditional style kitchens.
Kitchen Pendant LightingModern, sculptural designs are now more available and intricate.  The  popularity of LEDs and strips have made this possible.  Designs can now be  manipulated into a range of shapes.  A modern kitchen is all about creating clean, open, functional, and calming spaces, with plenty of room for character and personal style.
Kitchen Pendant LightsNatural elements are becoming a mainstay in lighting, in keeping with the trend to earthy tones and sustainable pieces.  Farmhouse style kitchens enjoy using natural elements in their design.  Cabinets make special use of this by incorporating reclaimed and repurposed wood.
Best Local Kitchen Contractor - DAD's ConstructionMetal finishes of all types – including powder-coated white and matte black – are being incorporated, providing a dramatic contrast to other fixture elements.  Metal finishes in the kitchen add a softer and warmer feeling. When cabinets are considered more like furniture, metal finishes can have a dramatic impact.

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