What’s Better a Bathtub or Shower?

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What’s Better a Bathtub or Shower?

What’s Better a Bathtub or Shower?Many clients ask, “what’s better a bathtub or shower?” when performing a bathroom remodel.  This question is being asked more often when the guest bathroom is the subject.  Traditionally, the guest bathroom is where children are bathed, and daily hygiene is performed.  Increasingly, however, clients, parents, and grown children are asking about converting the guest bathroom combination tub/shower into a shower only.  Let’s look at this idea.

Make no mistake—remodeling your bathroom is one of the best investments you can make as a homeowner. 

There are many good reasons to renovate a bathroom. It adds storage space, improves energy efficiency, adds more functionality, and fixes any existing problems. 

More importantly, it adds to the resale value of your home.

What’s better a bathtub or shower for resale valve?

What’s Better a Bathtub or Shower?Ask any realtor what’s better a bathtub or shower for resale value and they will likely say your home has a higher resale value if the guest bathroom has a tub/shower combination.  Why?  This is where babies and small children are bathed.  Here is what I have discovered.  Firstly, an adult mother or father trying to bath a child in the roughly 28 to 30-inches of space between the front of the toilet and the opposite wall in front of the tub is hard on the body and keens.  Moreover, nobody wants to be sitting on the floor that close to the toilet.

Second, mom and dad are busy.  Mom especially, is always multitasking.  She wants to bathe the children, clean things up, perform her own personal hygiene, check text and email messages, and keep an eye on the kids in the tub.  This is much easier in the master bathroom using the larger master bathtub that has much more space in front of the tub.  The master tub is usually next to the vanity.  This allows mom to do all kinds of time saving tasks much more comfortably while she keeps an eye on the kids bathing.

So, when it comes to resale value, what’s better a bathtub or shower?

The National Association of Realtors says if the home has at least one tub, switching from a tub to a shower shouldn’t negatively impact resale value.

The need for at least one tub is most common among two specific homeowner groups.  The first is young families with small children, since many parents consider a traditional tub safer than a shower.  The second group is luxury homeowners whose houses usually have multiple bathrooms.  Luxury homeowners also want both a large shower and bathtub in the master bathroom.

Does size matter?

What’s Better a Bathtub or Shower?What’s Better a Bathtub or Shower?Yes, when considering what’s better a bathtub or shower size matters.  Here is why.  First, if you have a combination tub/shower, size is a big consideration.  Guest bathrooms are rarely large enough to accommodate a nice size shower without extensive renovation.  In my experience, most folks convert the guest bathroom into a shower for their parents.  Second, it is becoming very common to have two generation families.  The older generation of parents generally occupy the guest bathroom.  A tub is too difficult and unsafe to navigate as we get older.  That 12 – 16 inches to climb in and out of the tub is a serious injury and hospital trip waiting to happen.

So, even if the shower is small, it’s typically the only option when being used by older family members.  Very important, a seat is a must in these situations.  However, usually a small corner seat is all that works (a fold up seat does not work well in smaller showers).

What’s Better a Bathtub or Shower?In the master bathroom, a side-by-side shower/tub is the usual configuration.  The tub is almost always too small to truly relax and bathe.  You end up like a bent pretzel with your body sticking up out of the water!

In smaller master bathrooms over the last 15 years, the trend is to remove the tub and create a much larger shower.  This is called a bathtub conversion  People want large showers to relax and be pampered in.  If that means removing the tub for a larger shower, the shower always wins!  Make no mistake, larger showers at the expense of a tub in the master bathroom is the direction almost all clients take.  Curbless Showers and Steam Showers are highly desirable.  For more on remodeling a shower, see  How Do You Remodel a Shower?   

What is the most important consideration when thinking about a bathtub or shower?

What is best for you and your family?The most important consideration is what works best for you and your family.  Forget about what the Realtors say.  Don’t focus on all the advice everyone is willing to provide on the subject.  What truly matters is what works for you and makes you happy.

If it makes life easier on you having a shower in the guest bathroom – do it!  Same for the master bathroom.  Remember, it’s your house.  Do what works best for you.  Nobody knows what the future holds.  Worrying if replacing the tub will hurt resale value in 15-30 years while mom falls and breaks her hip trying to get out of the bathtub does nobody any good – especially mom!

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