Round or Linear Shower Drain

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Round or Linear Shower Drain

Round or linear shower drain?  What is the difference?  There is the obvious difference – one is round while the other is linear.  However, there are both substantial and more subtle differences.

Round or Linear Shower Drain

Let’s look closer at the question “Round or Linear Shower Drain” and see what the differences are.  Before we look at the differences, lets get the easy questions answered first.  If it is a matter of cost, linear drains are more expensive.  How much more do they cost?  Including materials and installation, a center drain typically costs around $300-$400.  A linear drain, however; will cost between $400-$1,000+.  Although you can find cheaper linear shower drains for less than $200, I don’t recommend it.  You will have leaks with a low-quality linear shower drain.  My preference for a linear shower drain is Infinity Drain.

What about maintenance?  Both linear and center drains are easy to maintain.  Thinking about a curbless shower?  Go with linear drain.

Linear Shower Drain

Round or Linear Shower DrainLinear shower drain systems are excellent choices for clients looking for a more contemporary look in their shower.  The shape and low profile of the linear drain adds a flare of elegance.  It can make any shower look upscale.  Some clients have said their shower experience was more comfortable with a linear drain.  How is this possible?  Firstly, a center drain, being in the center of the shower, can hurt one’s feet when they step on it.  Second, for those with mobility difficulties, center drains have been known to cause loss of balance when moving in the shower or stepping on it – leading to falls and injuries.  Linear shower drains are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Third, the small toes of children can get caught in the drains grate and cause minor to severe injuries.  This, however, depends on the cover and the spacing of the grates.

Round or Linear Shower DrainApart from looks, linear drains are also incredibly functional. The drain can be placed flush alongside a wall or edge in the shower.  This makes the floor easier to tile.  Why?  Because the floor slopes easily in one direction – rather than four with a traditional center placed drain.  Utilizing a linear drain also gives you the flexibility to install the shower without a curb.  Curbless showers are modern and upscale.  Perhaps, most important, a curbless shower allows for easier shower and bathing access for those with mobility issues.  Linear shower drains make it easier to get in and out of the shower.

Installing a linear shower drain allows for more creativity and versatility in the overall design of the shower.  If you are looking for an impressive minimalist, seamless, architectural focal point, a linear shower drain does the job.

Round Shower Drain

Round or Linear Shower DrainRound shower drains are also known as center shower drains.  These are good choices for clients who prefer a more classic look.  Round shower drains complement more traditionally styled shower installations.  They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes.  Many round shower drains have a square trim (or frame) around them.  This makes tile installation easier and creates a more polished finish.

Center drains are typically placed in the middle of the shower.  However, some are placed near the shower fixture wall, creating a less intrusive showering experience.

Round or Linear Shower DrainPerhaps, the greatest advantage of a round or center shower drain is the installation.  When hot mopping a shower pan with a round drain, there is a greater level of waterproofing.  Why?  Traditional round shower drains have a greater circumference than a linear shower drain.  This allows for greater asphalt and felt tie in.  This creates a more durable waterproofing environment.  Many hot mop companies will not install a hot mop with a linear drain unless a waiver of liability is signed.

Center drains are generally more affordable than linear drains.  If you are on a tight budget, center drains are a great option.

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