Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

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Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

Of all the things that can be forgotten when remodeling a bathroom, cabinet knobs and pulls are probably the clear winner!  There are thousands of moving parts and pieces when remodeling your bathroom.  Cabinet knobs and pulls are easy to forget.  This is especially true in the bathroom where you may only need 4 to 10.

Cabinet knobs and pulls are defining pieces in a bathroom.  They “bring out” the warmth and beauty of the bathroom.  The first thing you typically notice in a bathroom is the cabinet – it’s the focal point of the room.  Cabinet knobs and pulls make the room “pop” and give it its style and character.

Cabinet Knobs and Pulls – Is there a difference?

Cabinet Knobs and PullsYes!  It can get confusing.  Deciding which type of cabinet hardware, you want to use – knobs, pulls or both can be puzzling.  There is an easy way to tell the difference between cabinet knobs and pulls.  Knobs have one post and one screw.  Pulls have two posts and two screws.

There are two purposes when it comes to selecting cabinet knobs and pulls.  These are functionality and appearance.

You want your cabinets to look professionally done and most importantly you want to be able to use them.  What good is a cabinet with a fancy knob or pull if it’s placed in a way that makes it difficult to open the door?

Knobs and pulls have the same function, but they also bring their own set of style to a room. Which type and style you decide to use will depend on what specific look and feel you are trying to accomplish in your bathroom space.

Where Do I Place Cabinet Knobs and Pulls?

Knobs are commonly used for cabinet doors.  Pulls are used for both drawers and doors.  Depending on the cabinet style and number of doors to drawers, it is perfectly fine to use knobs on doors and drawers.

Cabinet Knobs and PullsCabinet Knobs and Pulls

Of course, the flip side is that when cabinet knobs and pulls are poorly placed on doors and drawers it can make everything in the room look off.  Once installed, that’s it!  There is no economical way to cover the screw holes.  If cabinet knobs and pulls are installed incorrectly, a bathroom feels cluttered, disorganized, and tacky.  Quality bathroom cabinetry is like fine furniture.  No one has time for costly do-overs.  You want to make sure and get right the first time.

Once you have decided on pulls, knobs, or a mix of both, it’s time to decide where exactly to install them on doors and drawers.  When it comes to installing cabinet door handles (either knobs or pulls), they are always placed on the opposite side from the door hinges.  You’ll specifically want to place them anywhere between 1’’ and 4’’ from the top or bottom edge of the door.  Anywhere within this range will work as it is based on personal preference.

For drawers, always place the knob or pull directly in the center.  Pulls should be installed horizontally on drawers and vertically on doors.

What Determines If I Use Cabinet Knobs or Pulls?

Traditional or Modern?

Do you want your space to have a modern feel or more traditional?  Your answer to this question will determine which style you use. Anytime you are installing cabinet hardware, the below are long time rules to follow when deciding between the different designs of knobs or pulls.

If you want a space that leans towards more of the traditional side, the general rule to follow is knobs on doors and pulls on drawers.  However, because bathrooms have small drawers and spaces, it is perfectly acceptable to use all knobs or pulls while still maintaining a traditional or modern look.  Below are pictures of bathroom cabinets with all knobs, pulls, and a combination of knobs and pulls.

Cabinet Knobs and PullsCabinet Knobs and PullsCabinet Knobs and Pulls

If you are looking for a modern look, then sleek pulls (also called handles) are a great option.  Modern bathroom cabinets utilize larger pulls. Gold color gives a bathroom a highly modern look.  Modern pull handles come in T-bar and flat fronted styles.  Oversized pull handles almost always achieve a modern look.  These are handles that are ⅔ the length of the drawer width or greater.

Cabinet Knobs and PullsModern Cabinet

How Do I Find Quality Hardware?

Finding quality cabinet knobs and pulls can be challenging.  You will not find good quality knobs and pulls at home improvement stores or internet sellers.  During my 45 years performing bathroom and kitchen remodeling, I find the cheaper knobs and pulls have screws that break, screws that are not long enough, and poorly machined barrels that strip the screw.  These cheaper knobs and pulls tarnish and scratch easily.

Here are my favorite places to find knobs and pulls:

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