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Washlet Toilet

The Toto Washlet toilet is becoming ever more in demand.  Since 1980, Toto has sold more than 60 million Washlet toilet bidet seats.  Toto invented the Washlet, and its popularity continues to grow.  Why?  The Toto Washlet toilet bidet seat is an inexpensive luxury.  Clients love the clean experience they receive from washing versus wiping.  Shifting from wiping to Washlet washing leaves clients feeling more refreshed and confident than they have ever felt after a bathroom break.

How Does a Washlet Toilet Bidet Seat Work?

When seated on the relaxing warmth of the Washlet’s soft close heated seat, users may activate the cleansing cycle, and a streamlined wand with AIR-IN WONDER-WAVE technology extends, providing a soothing warm flow of aerated water for complete cleansing.  Users may then engage the dryer, which gently dries the area with warm air, protecting the environment by reducing the need for toilet tissue.Washlet Toilet

To learn more on how the Toto Washlet toilet bidet seat works, please watch the video on the Washlet toilet bidet seat.

Does the Washlet Toilet Bidet Seat Work on All Toilets?

Washlet Toilet Bidet SeatToto Washlet bidet seats fit most standard North American toilets.  Installing a Toto Washlet toilet seat requires a GFCI electrical receptacle next to the toilet.  Do not run an extension cord from an outlet to the Washlet.  After the Washlet is installed, users can begin enjoying the cleanliness and comfort of personal cleansing with warm water in less than an hour.  After that, it’s ready for use anytime you need it.

A Washlet toilet bidet seat takes the place of your existing toilet seat and will fit most North American toilets.  By comparison, Washlet+ models seamlessly connect a high-performance Toto toilet and luxury Washlet+ bidet seat with no visible hoses or cords.  Washlet+ models will also work on almost all North American toilets.

Are their Different Washlet Options Available?

Toto UltraMax Toilet with Washlet Bidet SeatWashlets range from the very affordable and practical Toto Washlet+ C5 to the streamlined design of the Toto Washlet+ S550e.  The C5 retails for about $819 while the S550e retails for around $1,950.  In between these two are lots a different Washlets to choose from.  The overwhelming favorite for DAD’s Construction clients is the Toto Washlet+ C5.

The C5 Washlet toilet bidet seat enjoys a 2-user memory remote control, heated soft close seat, automatic air deodorizer, self-cleaning wand, warm air dryer, and soft water spray for rear and front cleansing.  The C5 also enjoys dual action spray with oscillating and pulsating features, adjustable water temperature, and a docking station for easy cleaning.  The convenient slim wireless remote control with illuminated touchpad makes using the C5 super easy.

The more expensive Washlet toilet bidet seats add options such as automatic seat opening and closing, night light, continuous warm water, and automatic flushing.

All the Toto Washlet toilet bidet seats have the PREMIST feature.  With PREMIST, the incoming water supply wets the inside toilet bowl surfaces.  This greatly aids in the elimination of waste about 80 percent better than a dry bowl.  This also makes for a cleaner, more sanitary toilet.

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