Bathroom Cabinet Color

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Bathroom Cabinet Color

The bathroom cabinet color is a defining feature in your bathroom remodel.  More than anything else in your bathroom, the color you select for your cabinet sets the tone for the entire bathroom.  There are essentially four types of bathroom cabinet colors.  These are stained, painted, whitewashed, and natural.

Bathroom Cabinet Color - Stained Bathroom Cabinet
Stained Bathroom Cabinet

Bathroom cabinet Color - Painted Bathroom Cabinet
Painted Bathroom Cabinet

Bathroom Cabinet Color - Whitewashed Bathroom Cabinet
Whitewashed Bathroom Cabinet

Bathroom Cabinet Color - Natural Bathroom Cabinet
Natural Bathroom Cabinet

There are lots of variations to all these colors.  Staining can be light to very dark and bold.  Painted bathroom cabinets can be anywhere from stark white to jet black.  Whitewashed does not necessarily mean “white”.  Another term for whitewashed is “pickling”.  Whitewashed can be almost any color provided the grain of the wood underneath is easily seen through the finish.  Because of the tannins (naturally occurring acid chemicals found in tree sap in wood), natural wood can change color over time, altering the appearance of the cabinet.

Speaking of wood, every tree is different, and no two trees will ever display color the same.  This is part of the natural beauty and elegance of wood.  Although you may be holding a piece of maple in your hands in the stain you love, the color you see on your new maple bathroom cabinet will not exactly match the piece you have.

How do I Choose a Bathroom Cabinet Color?

The best way to select a bathroom cabinet color is to first decide if you want your bathroom to continue a theme in your home.  A theme makes things consistent.  For example, if your home has dark, colonial style furniture throughout, you probably want to continue this cabinet style in your bathroom.

If you or your Contractor purchases a pre-made (“store bought”) cabinet, your choice of color is limited.  You will need to settle on whatever is available.  Considering the investment you are making in remodeling your bathroom, it makes a lot of sense to have a bathroom cabinet color that perfectly matches what you want.  You are going to be living with and using that bathroom cabinet for decades!

How Do I Find Examples of the Bathroom Cabinet Color I Like?

When you have a choice, always install a custom-made cabinet in your bathroom.  This allows you to have the options and colors that make you happy.  When selecting a color for your custom-made bathroom cabinet, provide your Contractor with one of the following in the color you like:

  • Piece of furniture such as a cabinet door, drawer, or chair. This is the best option.
  • A knickknack, tchotchke, or other ornament.
  • Picture from the internet.
  • Picture from a magazine.

Keep in mind that no electronic picture or printed document will match reality.  Every screen displays objects differently.  Ink and paper display color much differently than a solid object.  Each printer will print pictures differently.

In similar fashion, a picture texted or emailed from one cell phone, computer, or iPad to another will display differently on each device.  The same is true when printing pictures from an electronic device.

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How Can I Receive More Information on Remodeling my Bathroom?

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