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Vanity Pull Out

Maximize your bathroom storage with a custom vanity pull out designed to help you get and stay organized.  A vanity pull out is perfect for organizing hair dryers, curling irons, cosmetics, toiletries, and personal care items.  When most people think of a pull out organizer, they think of the kitchen.  However, the bathroom, with limited space, is usually one of the hardest areas to keep tidy with all those odds and ends!

Add a Vanity Pull Out for More Space

In most bathrooms, the vanity almost always has lots of unused space.  Why is this?  When people purchase a new vanity for their bathroom remodel, they usually get it from 1 of 3 places.  These are from a retailer, internet, or from their remodeling contractor.  Most remodeling contractors purchase their cabinets from discount suppliers and from the internet.  However, a few, such as DAD’s Construction, custom make all their bathroom vanity cabinets.  A custom-made vanity allows you the opportunity to truly enjoy the perfect bathroom because it’s exactly what you need for how you use your bathroom.

Let’s take a look at this vanity pull out.

Where Does a Vanity Pull Out Go?

Typically, a bathroom vanity has one to two sets of doors under the sink.  There may also be one or two banks of drawers.  Typically, with mass produced cabinets, there is a “filler” or extra space on the sides that is simply covered up with a decorative piece, such as fluting.  Fluting is usually a series of shallow grooves that run across the surface.

This bathroom vanity has fluting fillers on each side.

Over sized shaker doors and sink face front fillers are used on this bathroom vanity.

Side fillers are almost always found in smaller bathrooms of 40 to 80 square feet.  This is especially true when the cabinet is on the same side as the entrance door.  This is very valuable space!  Redesigning the vanity to include a vanity pull out will add between 4-8” of additional storage space.  This pull out can be on either side of the vanity.

What is the Benefit of a Vanity Pull Out?

A vanity pull out gives you stacked space.  Most custom-made vanities are 36-inches tall.  Although this provides about 30-inches of height inside the cabinet, it’s not all usable.  The bottom of the sink reduces this to about 20-23 inches.  The sink p-trap (drain) underneath is typically 6-8” from the bottom of the cabinet.  To take advantage of the bottom space inside the cabinet, an inside bottom drawer box can be installed.  Although helpful, this gives you less than 20% of all that space underneath!

Vanity Pull OutVanity Pull OutVanity Pull Out

A better option is to combine the inside bottom drawer box with a side vanity pull out.  The vanity pull out provides almost full use of that 30-inches of inside height.  The vanity pull out is installed on the side of the sink.  Therefore, the sink and its p-trap do not interfere.  You get all the convenience of a bottom drawer box and all that stacked space from the pull out.

Looking at these pictures, you can see that most pull outs have 4 shelves.  Many only have 3 shelves.  It all depends on how you want to use your pull out.  Some people like to use their vanity pull out for cosmetics and toiletries.  Others like to add storing curling irons and blow dryers.  Adjustable shelves add even more opportunity to customize storage to suit your personal needs.  To enjoy even greater storage and use options, add electrical outlets and USB ports inside the vanity pull out.

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