Bathroom Cabinet Color

Bathroom Cabinet Color The bathroom cabinet color is a defining feature in your bathroom remodel.  More than anything else in your bathroom, the color you select for your cabinet sets the tone for the entire bathroom.  There are essentially four types of bathroom cabinet colors.  These are stained, painted, whitewashed, and natural. There are lots […]

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Furniture Style Bathroom Cabinets

Furniture Style Bathroom Cabinets Furniture style bathroom cabinets bring warmth, beauty, and tranquility to any bathroom remodel.  These bathroom cabinets have become very popular over the years as people want their bathrooms to integrate into their home.  They want their bathrooms to look and feel less sterile and “cookie-cutter”. A bathroom cabinet stands apart from […]

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RSM Bathroom

Bathroom Cabinet Style

Bathroom Cabinet Style The bathroom cabinet style you choose for your bathroom remodel is a matter of preference.  There are three bathroom cabinet styles.  These are Full European Overlay, Partial Overlay (aka Face Frame or American Style) and Recessed. All three bathroom cabinet styles can use decorative outside hinges or concealed inside hinges.  They can […]

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Bathroom Floor Heating

Bathroom Floor Heating Electric bathroom floor heating is an effective and energy efficient way to heat your bathroom floor.  The extra warmth is like wrapping your feet in a cozy blanket!  During the colder months, electric bathroom floor heating adds warmth and comfort to your bathroom.  The warmth of bathroom floor heating after a shower, […]

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Jacuzzi Bath Remodel

Jacuzzi Bath Remodel The Jacuzzi bath remodel started in 1968 when Roy Jacuzzi created the world’s first integrated whirlpool bath.  It was called the Roman and featured integrated jets with a 50-50 air-to-water ratio.  As the years passed, the jetted bathtubs led way to the indoor-outdoor hot tub. Perhaps, this is why almost everyone refers […]

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